People Can't Stop Sharing Hilarious Stories of Their "Odd," "Weird" Cats

Nine lives means one thing: plenty of opportunities for antics.

Fact: cats are adorable, fluffy companions, who love you not because they need you (they don't) but because they deem you are worthy of their prized affection. But they can also be little weirdos, as evidenced by this cat's viral coping mechanism for going to the vet.

Well, recently, Twitter user @poorlycatdraw asked people to share the weirdest thing their cat routinely does or has ever done, and the responses will surely be relatable for any feline owner.

Like this cat, who has truly mastered the art of compassionate self-loving meditation.

Leo likes to sit in the tub and silently judge you for not using a litter box like a civilized being.

Rastas knows the crown of the head is the tastiest part of the human body.

And Burt is the mayor of the town of "If I fits, I sits."

This cat knows that he was born to be a STAR.

This one is basically a dog.

If you thought corgis were the only ones who sploot, you were wrong.

And this one does a great Gandalf impression.

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