50 Weight Loss Secrets from People Who've Lost 50 Pounds

Real tips from real success stories.

Whether you're looking to shed five pounds or 50 pounds, losing weight is never easy. At times, it may seem impossible, but there are everyday people, just like you, who've had huge success slimming down and they have secrets to share. Of course, everyone's weight loss journey and path is going to be different, but there are a lot of things that anyone looking to lose weight can learn from those who've already done it. Here are some of the best weight loss tips from those who've lost at least 50 pounds. So read on—and for more secrets to slimming down, read up on The Real Reason Weight Loss Is Hard After 60.

Make a food plan that works for you.

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In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to "make a permanent change in [your] eating habits," writes Tom Dell'Aringa, who lost 50 pounds right around his 50th birthday. "No fad diet is sustainable [so] you have to craft your own eating plan."

Develop good habits.

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What helped Megan lose 50 pounds in less than year was consistency in her daily activities. "I remained consistent and the daily actions turned into habits," she writes. "Ultimately I made… a major lifestyle change."

Make the time.

walking is the best exercise

"I started walking for 45 minutes during my lunch break," says Melissa Leon in an interview with Health. By making time every single day to complete her workouts, Leon was able to lose 53 pounds and gain 100 percent more confidence. And if you need more reasons to turn your lunch break into a walking session, then read up on the 30 Reasons Why Walking Is the Best Exercise.

Be realistic.

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Weight "took time to come on and it will also take time to come off," writes Amber Alexander, a weight loss warrior who lost 50 pounds in just four months. Though she had tried to lose weight several times before, what finally helped her be successful was taking things slow and realizing that "there is no quick fix" when it comes to losing weight. (Oh, and WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers. Amber swears by WW.)

Log what you eat.

Food Log for Weight Loss {Weight Loss Secrets}

Oklahoma City hairdresser Kay Franklin began logging her meals into Everyday Health's My Calorie Counter and simply seeing the sheer amount of calories that she was consuming opened her eyes to the changes she needed to make. "The numbers really opened my eyes and it made it much easier for me to focus on my goal to lose 50 pounds," Franklin said.

Treat exercise like a form of therapy.

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Mother-daughter duo Jane Dent and Sarah Gallagher found weight loss success after learning how to use exercise as a stress reliever. "I've learned to exercise instead of eating when I'm stressed. I've started walking two to three miles outside two to three times a week. The fresh air instantly puts me in a good mood, and I think of it as time to unplug," Gallagher tells Woman's Day. And if you haven't yet found a workout you enjoy, then try these 30 Workouts That Burn More Than 500 Calories An Hour.

Don't eat emotionally.

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Another one of Dell'Aringa's weight loss tips is to "remove emotion from eating." Not only does emotional eating contribute to overeating and weight gain, but it also "does not solve your problems," he writes.

Bring your workout clothes everywhere.

Workout Clothes {Weight Loss Secrets}

"Every trip I have taken this year I have included my workout clothes and made time to get a sweat in," writes Thomas LaRock about how he lost 50 pounds in five months. Since the IT professional is constantly away for work, always having workout clothes with him allows him to "work out when I'm on the road."

Form a new relationship with food.

Washing fruits and vegetables

Writer Gary Drevitch didn't want to subscribe to normal diet rituals. So, rather than keeping a food diary, Drevitch simply adopted a healthier lifestyle. "I adopted a low-carb, not no-carb, menu. I converted my breakfast to a bowl of bran flakes and dried cranberries. My lunches and dinners were plates half covered with vegetables and filled out with healthy portions of protein. My snacks: rice cakes with hummus, peanut butter or low-fat cottage cheese, or handfuls of nuts or raisins," he tells Next Avenue. Instead of putting himself through a series of fad diets, Drevitch instead chose to change his entire relationship with food—and that ultimately helped him lose over 50 pounds.

Find a workout class that you actually like.

exercise classes can help couples relax together

At the beginning of 2018, Megan Buchanan was able to successfully lose 50 pounds, and she attributes this to a combination of eating right and finding a workout that she loves in Orange Theory. "It's the first workout I've actually enjoyed," says Buchanan. "I like that it's different every day, but is still a full body workout. I don't have to worry about how long to run or which exercises to do when—I just do what they tell me to do and it gets me the best workout possible."

Replace restaurant meals with home-cooked ones.

Couple Cooking in the Kitchen {Weight Loss Secrets}

"I think what really kept my weight loss going was that I completely cut out national fast food and sit-down chain restaurants and started cooking for myself," says New Orleans resident Taylor Bevilacqua. By making the foods that she loved rather than buying them, Bevilacqua was able to lose 60 pounds in just eight months! And if you're new to cooking, make sure you avoid these 17 Ways You're Using Your Kitchen All Wrong.

Make mental changes in your life, too.

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Though David Ezell, CEO of Darien Wellness, tried many times to lose weight, he says that what helped him become successful was "focusing on my thoughts as much as exercise and diet." When he realized that his thoughts were just as important in his weight loss journey as his body, he was able to lose over 100 pounds. "Once I broke the hold on my thoughts about food, hunger, and myself, I was able to take off and never look back," he says.

Eliminate nighttime snacking.

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"I lost 70 pounds in 2018 by doing little more than shifting my schedule to eliminate nighttime eating," says Michael A. Liner, Esq., a lawyer with Liner Legal, LLC. "I was in a bad habit for many years of working until 12 or 1 a.m. and most of that work would take place in my kitchen. By going to bed at a decent hour—9 to 10 p.m.—and waking up early to do my work instead, I cut out the extra eating and the weight flew right off." And if you want to stop being a night owl, then try these 17 Things Happy People Do Every Morning.

Be your biggest cheerleader.

Woman Laughing on her Phone {Weight Loss Secrets}

At the end of her weight loss journey, Paige Jackson of New Orleans found herself at 155 pounds, down from 220. She tells Health she attributes her success in part to hiding motivational quotes and photos in places she knew she'd see. "I always have my phone background set to a motivational quote," she said. "Words of wisdom, like 'If you want it, work for it,' offer a little pick-me-up every time I look at the screen."

Use resistance training.

Couple, elderly couple

Gail Lind is a 70-year-old personal trainer at Anytime Fitness who lost 50 pounds. She says the best way to lose weight and fight aging is to head to the gym—specifically, Lind says resistance training helped her age in reverse. "Using resistance while working out can improve your balance and lessen the risk of heart disease," she explains. "Resistance training also helps prevent the natural loss of lean muscle mass that can come with aging and lead to loss of mobility." And for more anti-aging advice, check out these 100 Anti-Aging Secrets for Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever.

Don't avoid your favorite foods entirely.

ice cream

When Bevilacqua was in the midst of her weight loss journey, she didn't completely avoid her favorite sugary sweets—she just wasn't overdoing it when she did eat them. "Making sure I can eat whatever dish I want is what stopped me from 'cheating' because there was essentially nothing I couldn't eat," she explains.

Make time to be active every day.

walking is the best exercise

Especially for those getting older, finding the time to move your body each and every day can actually help slow down the hands of time and drop the pounds. "Whether it's at home or at the gym, engaging in a small workout everyday maintains overall health and can slow the breakdown of tendons, ligaments, joints and bone density—which helps prevent or reverse osteoporosis," Lind says. These workouts can be as simple as an afternoon walk, or as strenuous as an hour at the gym—both will inevitably benefit your body and make it easier to lose weight or keep off the weight that you've already lost.

Watch your portion sizes.

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A common trend among people who have successfully lost weight is not watching what they eat, but how much they eat. When Harold T. Stokes, a professor at Brigham Young University, tried this approach to weight loss, he lost 50 pounds and six inches off of his waist in less than a year. By giving himself a 1,900 calorie cap every day, he was able to make more informed decisions.

"I didn't want to reach 1,900 calories too fast," Stokes writes. "I stopped putting syrup on my oatmeal for breakfast. It would save me 100 calories and allow me to eat a little bit more for dinner. I wanted to save the calories for the things I really liked eating."

Take photos every single day.

Older Couple Taking a Selfie Photo {Find Happiness}

"I started taking a picture a day without really planning to. In my first photo, I didn't recognize myself, so I decided to take a picture every day until I saw a person I recognized," Justine McCable tells Women's Health about how she was able to shed 124 pounds. "I soon began tracking my weight loss through the pictures, and it was a great way to keep motivated."

Make the decision and stick with it.

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According to Dell'Aringa, a weight loss journey is only successful if you actually "make the decision" to lose the weight and decide that your health is more important than your cravings. "I wanted to be healthy and fit more than I wanted to stuff my face with candy, pasta, and pizza," he writes. "You have to be all in."

Measure your success in goals, not pounds.

Woman Running Up the Stars {Weight Loss Secrets}

"Throughout my journey, I have always relied on active goals, like running a 5K or building muscle, to measure my progress," Jackson tells Health. "Working toward real-life results is way more rewarding than obsessing over a number on the scale."

Focus on building muscle.

Couple Lifting Weights

Lind also credits her weight loss to consistently building muscle mass through weight training. Doing consistent weight training improves your posture, ensures that your body retains a full range of motion into your golden years, and burns fat long after you've left the gym. And, because of this improved range of motion, working out on a more frequent basis won't do as much harm to your body. If you're new to building muscle, try these 40 Great Exercises for Adding Muscle Over 40.

Don't feel guilty about a few slip-ups.

chocolate chip cookies

"A cheat day? What does that even mean? I'm not here to feel guilty about the decisions I make," writes Suzanne Kvilhaug, who was able to lose 50 pounds and successfully keep the weight off. "If I eat something that isn't the best thing for me, I move on. I don't regret my decision or sulk in guilt."

Find healthy foods that you actually enjoy.

Greek yogurt with nuts

"Success comes not from denying yourself pleasure and good food, but by forming habits that are more pleasurable with food that you really like that causes you to become healthy and fit," writes William Anderson, LMHC, a licensed mental health counselor. Once he found healthy foods that he actually loved, he was able to overcome his battle with obesity and lose 140 pounds, bringing him down to a healthy 180.

Take your weight loss one step at a time.

People running on the treadmill at the gym.

For Shanna Fichera, losing weight was "a very gradual process." "I began walking or jogging for 15 minutes a day," she explains to Cosmopolitan. "I worked up to 30 minutes, and then increased it again." When you're on your weight loss journey, it's important to realize that it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Form a strong support team.

boot camp workout class

Finding a health coach and a community to provide "nonjudgmental encouragement and accountability … can make all the difference," Jeverna Michelle King tells Prevention. "For so long I tried to lose weight thinking I could do it on my own, only to fall back into unhealthy thinking and destructive behaviors." Thanks to her support system, King was able to lose 82 pounds, and she's even now helping others find their own success as a certified health coach.

Don't make excuses.

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"Stop using your kids as [an] excuse to not be healthy and use them as [an] excuse to live a better healthier lifestyle," says Instagram user Penelope Walker. Once she started using her family to her weight loss advantage, the "fit mom" was able to lose 50 pounds—and she's still going!

Drink beet juice.

Beet Juice {Weight Loss Secrets}

According to musician Joey Giambra, drinking beet juice helped him lose weight and keep it off as well. Frequently sipping on beet juice has actually been proven to improve your stamina during workout sessions, allowing your body to shed the pounds more efficiently. And not only that, but beets possess key nutrients that work to lower your blood pressure, slowing the hands of time with each sip.

Focus on the health benefits of weight loss.

blood pressure test Lower Blood Pressure

There's so much more to losing weight than looking good—and when you think about these health benefits, it makes it much easier to stick to your goals. "My bootcamps are about so much more than losing weight," writes Alyssa Uriarte, a fitness coach who was able to successfully lose 50 pounds herself. "We focus on the things there are to gain when you put your heath first. Self love, confidence, healthy habits, and empowerment over your choices are just a few of the things you can look forward to gaining." And if you're struggling to take those first weight loss steps, here are 20 Science-Backed Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight.

Find healthy alternatives for the foods you love.

"Find healthier alternatives to what you love," writes Nancy Habibi, a health coach who's down 64 pounds and counting. Before her weight loss journey, Habibi loved the Caramel Frappes from McDonald's, and now she is able to curb that craving without derailing her diet with the much healthier Herbalife Cafe Latte.

Don't fall victim to fat-burning pills.

Pills {Weight Loss Secrets}

"Fat burners don't do anything," warns Xavior Ureno, a fitness enthusiast who "went from chunky to funky" after losing 150 pounds and reversing his type 2 diabetes diagnosis. "No pill or supplement will make you lose weight. Losing weight is only done through hard work."

Keep your diet interesting.

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When Branda Peebles, chief visionary officer at Prestige and Prosper, first began her weight loss journey, she made the mistake of making her diet too regimented. She eventually realized her mistake when she fell off the wagon after only three months on such a strict diet. Upon "changing it up a bit," Peebles was able to add more foods that she genuinely liked into her diet, like guacamole and grilled chicken, making her weight loss more effortless and enjoyable.

Use your weight loss victories to motivate you to keep going.

Chinnup Exercises {Weight Loss Secrets}

Though Instagram user Amy of @aimsandgains never particularly cared about her back muscles, she notes that "seeing the changes through training and better nutrition just spurs me on to be better." As you get further and further into your weight loss journey and your body begins to change, use that progress as motivation to keep going.

Know that no workout is too small.

tendon exercise squat frog stretch

Peebles struggled to fit her workouts into her busy professional and personal schedule, so she did what she could. "I did 10 squats every time that I went to the bathroom because it was an easy exercise to add into the day," Peebles says. That simple workout—along with her changes in food habits—helped Peebles shed the weight without wasting any of her precious time throughout the day.

Find a plan that feels right for you.

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Even if you know a friend who had success with the Keto diet, don't immediately assume that the same plan is going to work for you. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to do "what feels right for you, not what you think you should do," says body image expert Laura Fenamore of Skinny Fat Perfect. She's been inspiring others since she lots 100 pounds years ago.

Drink plenty of water.

Woman Drinking Water

Peebles also notes how drinking more water helped to keep her hydrated through tough workout regimens. According to Peebles, drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day helps "speed up your metabolism and helps hydrate you." Not only that, but constantly sipping on water throughout the day can curb hunger pangs and provide you with a limitless source of energy for all those workouts.

Celebrate small victories.

Man is Excited {Weight Loss Secrets}

If anyone understands just how overwhelming the idea of weight loss can be, it's Matt Schiffman. Not only does he work as the vice president of brand management at RSP Nutrition, but he's also lost over 100 pounds himself. His advice? "Focus on making tiny daily improvements. Have a big picture goal, but focus daily on taking baby steps towards the goal and celebrate those small victories every day."

Get an adequate amount of sleep.

Woman Sleeping in Bed

Power lifter Jade Socoby says her weight loss would not have been possible without sufficient rest between workouts. Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule became important for Socoby, who worked rotating shifts at her job at the time. Catching those z's made losing weight all that much easier.

Eat something before you go out.

Brazil Nuts

"Don't let yourself get too hungry before you go out," says Rachael Thompson, who was able to lose 50 pounds with the help of Ultimate Performance. "Have a protein shake or big glass of water—or both!—before you get to the event or restaurant so your stomach isn't empty." And if you're unsure what to fill up on, then try The 5 Best High-Protein Snacks for Men.

Make meal prep part of your routine.

Meal prep {Weight Loss Secrets}

For Sarah Grant, planning her meals out in advance helped curb her desire to eat out at restaurants or reach for a second helping of food. It was portion control in its simplest form. "Especially as a working mom, having healthy, portioned out meals ready to go in the fridge is one of the most critical habits that sets me up for success while dieting," Grant says. "I set aside a couple of hours one day a week—Sunday for me—and make this a priority. It helps me stay on track no matter how busy I get during the week."

Take ownership of your past, present, and future.

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"Believe with every fiber of your being that you can accomplish this," says Schiffman. "At the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions and everything that happens to you, so take extreme ownership of everything in life that happens to you and do whatever it takes to make real change."

Cut out processed foods.

getting rid of sugar in your diet can get rid of wrinkles

By cutting out 98 percent of the processed foods containing sugar, flour, and other grains from his diet, Tony Schy—an entrepreneur, CEO and executive coach—was able to reduce those cravings that were caused by big swings in his blood sugar. This small change allowed Schy to lose a staggering 70 pounds that he's kept off to this day.

Try intermittent fasting.

Schy also credits his weight loss to his reliance on intermittent fasting. "Most days, I fast for 16 hours. This helps maintain your metabolism," he says. Combined with exercising three to five times a week, Schy believes that this fasting helped him lose the weight as efficiently as possible. And intermittent fasting isn't just good for your waistline—read more about how Science Says That Intermittent Fasting Could Extend Your Life.

Start the day with a high-protein breakfast.

Breakfast {Weight Loss Secrets}

People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and nobody embodies that more than Umar Malik, who lost 170 pounds with the assistance of both Ultimate Performance and many a high-protein morning meal. "I no longer eat a full English breakfast, which was my go-to breakfast when I was overweight and weighed 400 pounds," he says. "Now I count my macronutrients for most of the year, so I'll typically have steak and eggs in the morning because it's high in protein and contains healthy fats." According to Malik, this meal provides the energy and fuel he needs to stay satiated and revved up for the first half of his day.

Get a smart watch.

woman with smart watch

For extra motivation throughout the day, investing in a smart watch like a Fitbit can help you set achievable goals for yourself on a daily basis, says Lisa Warren, creator of the My Military Spouse Life blog. "My watch motivates me to stay active throughout the day. Now that I've met my weight loss goal, it continues to motivate me to maintain what I worked so hard to achieve," Warren says. Seeing your daily progress on your wrist helps you stay on track and makes it harder to ignore your weight loss goals.

S.O.S.—shrink our stomachs.

olive oil

Stan Chlebowski cut out salt, oil, and sugar in what he refers to as the "S.O.S diet." Upon making this change in his diet, Chlebowski soon realized how much of these ingredients were in the food he was eating and why it was so important to make the lifestyle change that he did. And it worked—Chlebowski has lost more than 100 pounds!

Don't make it more complicated than it has to be.

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"Keep it simple when you're starting out," says Laura Micetich, a bodybuilder and health coach who was able to lose more than 100 pounds just by going to her local Gold's Gym. "There are a million different buzz words in the fitness industry," but Michetich feels that the secret to weight loss success is ignoring the flashy workouts and diets until you're well past the starting line.

Stay away from enablers.


For IT professional Liz Rodriguez, spending less time with friends and family members who enabled her unhealthy habits was a great place to start in her weight loss journey. By surrounding herself with healthy, happy, and positive people, she was able to both lose the weight and maintain a more confident sense of self and purpose.

Avoid excess alcohol.

people drinking wine at dinner

When Tyler Stewart, an IT. professional in New York, gained far more than your average freshman 15 in college, he found that he was able to lose the weight quickly by eliminating alcohol almost entirely from his diet. By the time he graduated, Stewart was down more than 80 pounds, and today, he happily enjoys the occasional glass of wine without repercussion.

Find ways to make room for your favorite foods.

older couple dancing {priorities over 50}

WW ambassador Kendra Vernon has lost 83 pounds so far on her fitness journey, and she lets herself indulge as long as she plans to burn off the calories. "You can earn FitPoints [on WW] if you are dancing to exchange for food," she notes. "There are all these different options for you… to have whatever you want." And if you want to burn the most calories possible, read up on How Music Helps You Burn More Calories.

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