Modern Couples Are Ditching These Longtime Wedding Traditions in 2020

When it comes to 2020 wedding trends, these longstanding rituals aren't making the cut.

You've probably heard that young people today are delaying marriage more and more. And when they do walk down the aisle, they're saying "I don't" to some of the wedding traditions of previous generations and creating new trends of their own instead. For proof, engagement ring designer Jean Dousset recently surveyed 1,850 newlywed couples with an average age of 33 and made some interesting discoveries on what wedding trends won't be making it into 2020.

Given that recent research has shown that millennials care less about religion than older generations, it's probably no surprise that less than half of respondents had religious ceremonies and 75 percent of them preferred a non-religious venue for the big day.

Also, less than 20 percent said that the wedding was paid for by the brides' family; instead, almost half said that they paid for the wedding themselves and split the costs evenly.

On top of those major changes, the biggest wedding traditions to go, according to respondents, were the wedding cake (71 percent), the white wedding dress (62 percent), the flower girl (57 percent), the first dance (55 percent), not seeing the bride before the ceremony (48 percent), having the father of the bride walk her down the aisle (47 percent), the ring bearer (46 percent), and the bouquet toss (45 percent).

Three-quarters of respondents also said they didn't use a wedding planner, which cut down on cost and further indicates that millennials are moving away from big, expensive weddings to more casual affairs that they can organize themselves and that reflect their identity as a couple.

Perhaps that's also why some of the wedding trends millennials love included writing their own vows (33 percent) and having a dessert other than wedding cake (25 percent).

So it looks like if you've got a wedding coming up in 2020, expect the nontraditional—and don't expect cake!

Diana Bruk
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