Meteorologists Predict October Will Bring "Widespread Frost" to the Northeast

Bring on the brisk!

If you were enjoying basking in the extended summer that September yielded, you better prepare yourself, because sweater weather is swiftly on its way. According to a recent report by AccuWeather's senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski, there's a "significant change in the weather pattern" coming, and it's starting as early as this week.

September has seen temperatures that average two to six degrees Fahrenheit above normal, thanks to consistent surges of warmth. But a noticeable cool down is set to bring chillier temperatures this weekend to both the Northeast and the central Appalachians. Paul Pastelok, AccuWeather's top long-range forecaster, said that in this region, there's a "likelihood of widespread frost over the interior during the first weekend of October."

Temperatures could be as low as in the teens in the coldest spots of upstate New York and in the upper 20s over the valleys of the central Appalachians.

But it's not all bad news: If you're a fall foliage enthusiast, you'll be glad to hear that the dry air predicts a significant surge of leaves changing color. And if you're a fitness buff, it's worth noting that exercising outside in cooler temperatures can actually help you lose weight.

Even if you absolutely hate cold weather, we've got some good news for you: The chilly air spells the end of allergy season, and is likely to make those mosquitoes go away. So, bring on the brisk, Mother Nature!

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