Watch This Groundhog Bite a Journalist in Its Hilarious Bid for Freedom

Give me liberty or give me death!

Shubenacadie Sam bites journalist while trying to escape.

This morning, Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter.

But while the Pennsylvania groundhog was lazily staring at his own shadow, one of his brethren up north was attempting a daring escape.

On Friday morning, Shubenacadie Sam, a famous Canadian groundhog who lives at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park in the town of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, attempted to climb out of his enclosure after predicting an early spring. CBC reporter Brett Ruskin, tried to stop him, so the little fugitive sunk his jaws into the journalist's hand and hopped away screaming "Give me liberty, or give me death!" OK, the last part is made up, but it was pretty dramatic, as you can see from the video below:

After he was wrangled back into the enclosure, Sam was spotted sitting in a log in the snow, plotting his revenge.

As for Ruskin, he wrote the following on Twitter, "I'm fine, by the way. Sam's handlers from the Dept. of Natural Resources say I shouldn't need a shot. (I'm not the first to be bitten, apparently.) But also my front teeth are growing and there's fur all over me now."

This isn't the first time groundhogs have gone wild. In 2015, Jimmy, the weather forecasting groundhog of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, bit the mayor's ear during the annual ceremony.

And who can forget the great Groundhog cover-up of 2014, when Mayor Di Blasio dropped a groundhog, who died a week after the fall from injuries sustained, which officials tried to keep hush hush. In another twist to #Chuckgate and #Groundhoghazi, it turned out that the groundhog in question was not Chuck, who has been making predictions at the Staten Island Zoo for the last 30 years, but rather a stand-in named Charlotte (RIP).

Groundhog Chuck bit Mayor Bloomberg back in 2009.

Seriously, everyone, we know this is a time-honored American tradition and all but it doesn't seem like the groundhogs are all that into it.

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