If You Bought This at Walmart, the FDA Has a New Warning for You

A seasonal item sold at Walmart stores around the country is being recalled.

Think back to all that seasonal shopping you did last month—if you shop at Walmart, you may have unknowingly purchased an item during this time that could be hazardous to your health. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) just posted notice of a new recall covering a food item sold around the country at the big-box retailer, which could pose a danger to consumers after a manufacturing mishap. Read on to learn which item is currently being recalled, and what you should do if you have it at home right now.

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Lily's Sweets is recalling its peppermint-flavor baking chips.

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Lily's Sweets (a confectionery brand bought last year by Hershey) is voluntarily recalling 18,855 cases of its peppermint-flavor baking chips sold in 7-ounce pouches. The baking chips contain soy lecithin, and people who have a severe allergy or sensitivity to soy should not eat them, as doing so could trigger a reaction. The packages have the UPC number 8-10003-46159-9 and lot code information is available for reference in the recall notice published on the FDA website.

No Lily's products other than the peppermint baking chips are impacted by the recall, so you can be assured that other items you have at home from the brand are safe to consume.

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The Lily's baking chips were sold seasonally at Walmart stores across the country.

Jan 9, 2020 Mountain View / CA/ USA - People shopping at a Walmart store in south San Francisco bay area

The peppermint baking chips at the center of the recall were available as part of the brand's seasonal offerings; you might have purchased them to make recipes for holiday cookies or other sweets. They were sold exclusively at Walmart stores in the United States.

A manufacturer mixup accidentally added candies with soy to the bags containing the baking chips.

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The company discovered the problem after consumers reached out to report unexpectedly finding white candy pieces mixed in with the peppermint-flavored baking chips they bought. "We have determined that the error occurred at a co-manufacturer," Lily's noted in the recall notice. "The white disc-shaped candy pieces contain soy lecithin, sugar, and other ingredients that are not present in Lily's Peppermint Flavor chips."

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Here's what to do if you have the recalled Lily's peppermint baking chips at home right now.

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While fortunately there have so far been no reports of illness or injury as a result of the manufacturer's mishap, you should not consume this product if you have a severe allergy to soy. The company says it is voluntarily recalling the product "out of an abundance of caution," and urges consumers who purchased the affected product to contact the company for a full refund by completing a contact form available online or by calling Lily's consumer contact line at 877-587-0557.

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