Adorable Husky Loses Its Mind in a Pile of Leaves, Goes Viral

One dog is super excited for fall!

Viral video of husky playing in a pile of leaves.

Fall is a magical time of the year, when the trees burst with color, the air feels crisp and fresh, and the streets are blanketed by fallen leaves. But for many people, the transition from sunny, warm days to chilly, cloudy ones can bring feelings of melancholy, as well.

Luckily, there are dogs for that.

After all, they are scientifically proven to be little mood-boosters who make you feel happy and relaxed. And they inspire you to live in the moment and be grateful for the little blessings that surround you. Humans are all, "I have a great apartment, a great job, family, friends, and yet I'm still not happy." Meanwhile, dogs are all "OH MY GAWD DIRT TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER."

Case in point: recently, comedian Andrew Orvedahl posted a video on Twitter of his husky losing his mind in a pile of fallen leaves.

"I have to share my dog going bananas in the leaves so you can see at least one happy thing on here today," he wrote in the caption.

Indeed, the dog's pure, unadulterated joy is absolutely infectious, which is probably why the video quickly went viral.

Soon, other people started sharing their own videos of dogs taking delight in Mother Nature.

Like this pup that just wants to be buried under a pile of snow.

Or this pup who is absolutely elated about spring.

After all, the key to happiness is appreciating the little things.

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