This Man Woke Up from Surgery Recovery Next to a Cat that Wasn't His

You don't have to own a pet to get a snuggle from one.

Andrew Falloon viral cat tweet

In the great cats-versus-dogs debate, canine lovers will often say dogs are more affectionate and more likely to bond with humans than their feline counterparts. But cat lovers will argue that cats can be just as cuddly and emotionally supportive as dogs—they're just a bit pickier about who they form attachments to. Now, a viral tweet about a man recovering from surgery proves just how in tune cats can be with the emotional needs of humans.

On Sunday, New Zealand Member of Parliament Andrew Falloon tweeted out a photo of his father, who is recovering from an operation. In the photo, Falloon's dad is seen sleeping with a cat snuggled up to his chest. It all seems commonplace enough until you read the caption and realize Falloon's dad doesn't actually own a cat.

The photo has received more than 75,000 retweets in just two days. It turns out that Falloon's mother had left the door slightly ajar when she left the house, and this friendly feline wandered right in and decided Falloon's dad was its human.

Actually, it was very generous of the cat to go out and adopt a human. After all, they can be a lot of work!

Social media users responded with other instances in which a cat decided that this was the human they were looking for.

But the fact that Falloon's dad and the cat are already holding hands/paws in their sleep is making everyone emotional.

And the entire tweet is a reminder that while people may choose dogs, cats choose you.

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