Video: 20 Lucrative "Side Hustle" Ideas for Putting Your Savings on Steroids

In 2017, the new "high-paying job" is looking like "multiple jobs."

In 2017, the new "high-paying job" is increasingly looking like "multiple jobs." Take Grant Sabatier, for example. In his early 20s, he realized that his $50,000-a-year staff position at a marketing agency wasn't bringing in enough savings. Since he wanted to sock away a cool million bucks before his 30th birthday—no humble feat, of course—he went looking for ways to diversify his workload with side gig ideas to bring in more income. "If you just view your full-time job as the way you're going to get ahead," he told The Washington Post, "it's just going to take a lot longer."

So he picked up an extra job, then another. Soon, he was juggling a consulting business, a concert-ticket selling business, and building websites on the side. By smartly juggling his side hustle jobs—and thanks to a surging stock market—he actually achieved his goal. (And, yes, he's long since ditched the marketing gig.)

So how close are you to your first million?

If the answer is "not as close as I'd like to be," add one—or two or three—of these side hustle ideas to your portfolio, which are all certain to add some extra padding to your wallet. And if find that your day job is stressing you out, learn the 10 workplace stress busters.

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