This State Hasn't Had a Single Coronavirus Death in a Month

This slice of New England can also boast one of the lowest infection rates in the country, too.

The past few weeks have seen coronavirus spread to several new hotspots around the U.S., particularly in the southwestern and Sun Belt states. Many outbreaks have grown so dire that state officials have been rolling back on their reopening plans. But luckily, not all areas are experiencing the same crisis, with some reporting low hospitalization and infection rates—and some that haven't lost a life to COVID-19 in days. One New England state, in fact, has gone the longest without losing one of its resident to the virus: Vermont can now say it hasn't had a single coronavirus death in four weeks.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the Green Mountain State is not only one of two states in the Union that didn't have a coronavirus-related fatality in the past week, CNN reports, but it hasn't seen a death caused by the virus since June 18. The only other state in the country that can claim a remotely similar success streak is Alaska, though it's only been without a reported coronavirus death since July 7, CNN notes.

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And that's not the end of the good news for Vermont. As of July 16, the state boasted the third lowest rate of positive tests in the country at just 0.94 percent (behind Maine and Connecticut, both at 0.79 percent) and the third lowest number of COVID-19 cases per capita (behind Montana and Hawaii).

Vermont health officials credit contact tracing and citizens' diligence for keeping their numbers in control, with the state's Department of Health saying "172 contacts became a COVID-19 case. This means that this group of people knew to stay home, and likely did not spread the virus further," CNN reports.

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Vermont also lives up to its "Green Mountain" moniker when it comes to Covid Act Now's color-coded ranking: As of July 16, Vermont was labeled as low risk–or green—by the group, thanks to its impressively low infection rate (0.87), ICU availability (only 9 percent is being used), contact tracing abilities, and aforementioned positive test rate. The only other state to hold the same green designation at the time was New Jersey. And for more on which places aren't faring as well, check out 7 States That Are Headed for a "Full Shutdown."


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