If You Live in These States, You Can Now Get Vaccinated at Walmart

If you're eligible to get vaccinated in these states, you can make an appointment at Walmart.

As of now, the pharmacies of 5,000 Walmart and Sam's Club locations across the country are gearing up to administer COVID vaccines. The retail chain began vaccinating healthcare workers in New Mexico and Arkansas before moving on to provide on-site vaccinations to local citizens who are eligible based on each state's guidelines. As of this week, online registration for vaccinations at Walmart and Sam's Club is kicking off in five more states. To learn where you can get your vaccine at Walmart and how to set up an appointment, read on. And for more pressing vaccine news, check out If You're Over 65, You Shouldn't Get This New Vaccine, Experts Warn.

"Walmart and Sam's Club are expected to launch online schedulers [this] week, so eligible populations can sign up directly from our website," a spokesperson from Walmart told Newsweek.

If you live in one of the following seven states where Walmart is vaccinating people and are eligible to receive your shot, you can access a store locator on Walmart's website to see where appointments are available. (You will have to bring proof of eligibility to your appointment.)

In a statement from Lisa Smith, Senior Director of Health & Wellness at Walmart, on Jan. 27, she explained that the company began working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) over the summer to begin planning for vaccine rollout. "It's taken a lot of preparation to get to where we are, and our pharmacists are ready and excited to get started taking the fight to COVID-19 by administering vaccines," Smith said.

If you're not yet eligible for the vaccine just yet, you'll likely be able to head to your local Walmart for your shots once it's your turn. "As we look to a future when supply can meet demand and more people are eligible to receive the vaccine, we plan to offer the vaccine seven days a week at our pharmacies, through planned in-store vaccination clinics, and through large community events," Walmart Executive Vice President Cheryl Pegus said in a Jan. 22 statement. "At full capacity, we expect we will be able to deliver 10-13 million doses per month when supply and allocations allow."

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