13 Uplifting Stories That Will Warm Your Heart Right Now

These feel-good tales show that every situation can be improved with a little kindness.

While the news surrounding the coronavirus pandemic may seem to be all doom and gloom, there's been a surprising upside. Around the world, people are stepping up to take care of one another like never before, whether they're helping out a neighbor or trying to cheer up a first responder. If you're looking to brighten your day, read on to discover these feel-good stories that are sure to put a smile on your face. And if you want to make a difference, don't miss these 7 Small But Effective Ways You Can Help in the Fight Against COVID-19.

1. This woman discovered a stranger's free motivational gifts while out on a walk.

The best things in life are often free—something Twitter user Barbara Benoit discovered firsthand while taking a stroll outside. During her walk, she discovered a dish on the ground that was full of stones painted with motivational phrases like "let it be" and "you're braver than you think." Next to the dish was a note recommending that passersby take one for themselves or a friend who might be in need of some encouragement.

2. This little boy delivered Easter treats to his whole block.

While families around the world are suddenly left rethinking their Easter celebrations this year, Twitter user Jamie Thom's young son wanted to make sure the holiday was still a happy one. To ensure that his neighbors could enjoy their holiday, Thom and his son brought treats and cards decorated by the toddler to 61 homes on their block.

3. This shop donated a microwave to a stroke patient to help them stay nourished at home.

Though many businesses are hurting right now, that didn't stop a Tesco store in England from helping out a member of its community. To aid in the stroke recovery of a patient recently released from the hospital, the Solihull-based store donated a microwave so they could easily make food for themselves when they returned home. And for more feel-good stories, check out these 5 Heartwarming Stories of People Helping the Elderly Amid Coronavirus.

4. This 16-year-old has been flying medical supplies to hospitals in need.

Sixteen-year-old TJ Kim is putting his flying skills to good use. The Washington, D.C.-based teenager and his father, Thomas, have teamed up to deliver medical supplies to hospitals in need, flying throughout Virginia to drop off essential items like gloves, hand sanitizer, and protective eyewear.

5. This shopkeeper brought a box of groceries to a quarantined family.

Twitter user David Solomone's family has been quarantined in their Fiji home for over a week—and their local shopkeeper knew they might need help. To give them a hand, he personally brought over a supply of groceries and left it outside their home for them, along with a note reading, "We are here for you in these difficult times. So please do let us know if you need anything, and I do mean anything at all."

6. These restaurant owners are bringing 200 meals to hospital workers in the U.K. each week.

With hospital employees working brutal shifts to help stem the tide of coronavirus patients, many don't have the time to enjoy a hot meal these days. That's why the owners of the Dog & Gun restaurant in Glusburn, England, announced that they would be providing 200 restaurant meals each week to local Airedale Hospital to help keep heath care workers happy and healthy as they provide lifesaving treatment.

7. This young boy created a whole tutorial to teach others how to grow their own food.

There may be a lack of food on the shelves of some stores, but 11-year-old Sam De Buitlear wasn't about to let people go hungry. The young gardening enthusiast uploaded a video to YouTube explaining how to grow potatoes in a pot, which his parents, Ciaran and Fiona, later shared on their Twitter page. And if you want to learn something new while in quarantine, check out 13 New Hobbies to Master During Quarantine.

8. This Minnesota State Representative got her own social distancing birthday parade.

While a party may have been out of the question, that didn't stop Representative Heather Edelman's inner circle from showering her with love on her 39th birthday. To commemorate the occasion, her pals gave her a birthday parade from their cars and the street across from her home.

9. This man spent his savings to provide gas for nurses going to work.

man holding free gas for nurses sign

Michigan man Allen Marshall was so grateful for the lifesaving treatment nurses have been providing during the pandemic that he thought he'd try to repay the favor. As reported by WVID 4, Marshall decided to use his savings to pay for gas for nurses heading to work at the DMC Hospital in Detroit. "I just love 'em. I want them to know that," Marshall explained.

10. Tyler Perry bought groceries for seniors at dozens of Atlanta supermarkets.

Atlanta seniors were treated to a welcome surprise this week when they discovered that their groceries had already been paid for. As it turns out, it was none other than actor/producer Tyler Perry footing the bill for dozens of senior citizens at Kroger supermarkets across Atlanta, although he wasn't eager to earn praise for his work. According to investigative reporter Brendan Keefe, "He wanted to be known only as Atlanta Angel."

11. These decorations and food from a canceled wedding were given to a local emergency department.

While it may be heartbreaking to cancel your wedding due to the pandemic, the staff members of the Royal London Hospital emergency department were more than grateful to receive the decorations and food from the called-off celebration. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," a representative for the hospital wrote on Twitter. "Such acts of kindness in such difficult times."

12. This organization brought Passover meals to local hospitals.

With seders around the world canceled due to the pandemic, charitable organization Chesed 24/7 decided to step in and help. While they couldn't deliver the full seder experience, they made sure local hospital workers had the supplies they needed for the holiday, dropping off boxes of matzah and sandwiches with messages of gratitude to hospital staff.

13. This artist created sensory tools for local dementia patients.

Artist Jessica Jenyns wanted to help during the pandemic, so she decided to lend her talent to a new project: creating pompoms. Jenyns dropped off the colorful creations at her local dementia ward, where the sweet fluff balls will be used as sensory aids for patients. And if you're looking for ways to shake things up, check out these 9 Genius Ways to Mix Up Your Daily Routine During Quarantine.

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