If You're Unvaccinated, You Could Be Kicked Out of Here This Month

Those who don't get vaccinated could get the boot.

In certain pockets of the U.S., unvaccinated people are getting turned away from restaurants, bars, and other indoor venues. Entire cities, like New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco, are requiring proof of vaccination for many indoor spaces, while businesses in other areas of the country are enacting their own vaccine mandates. And now, colleges are instituting another way to prevent unvaccinated students from perpetuating the spread of the virus on campus.

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The University of Virginia (UVA) recently disenrolled about 240 students for not being fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, spokesperson Brian Coy told The Virginian-Pilot. UVA announced in May that it would require students to upload proof of vaccination to an online portal by July 1 in order to attend classes. The policy said that students who are not vaccinated and do not qualify for an exemption would not be permitted on campus grounds after the month of June.

"As we look back on an academic year where the pandemic changed every part of life at UVA, the availability and effectiveness of the vaccines will make it possible for all of us to live, learn, and work together in more 'normal' ways in the year to come," the university said at the time.

Fall classes begin Aug. 24, and only 49 of the disenrolled students had selected on-campus courses for the semester, indicating that "a good number" of the unvaccinated students "may not have been planning to return to the University this fall at all," Coy said.

The disenrolled students account for just about 1 percent of the university's student population, according to CBS-affiliate WCAV reporter Kathryn Young—meaning that about 99 percent of the students have either been vaccinated or received a waiver for medical or religious reasons.

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The UVA students were disenrolled after "receiving multiple reminders via email, text, phone calls, calls to parents that they were out of compliance and had until yesterday to update their status," Coy said on Aug. 19. The students can reenroll if they provide proof of vaccination or file for an exemption by Aug. 25.

UVA is not the only higher education institute disenrolling unvaccinated students for the upcoming term. Several universities and colleges around the country have mandated vaccinations for the fall semester, including Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and Northwestern University. And disenrollment may be the consequence of not following these new mandates.

Chi-Chung Keung, a campus spokesperson for Cal State Fullerton, told CalMatters that failure to comply in the school's vaccination requirement "could result in disenrollment from class," while Humboldt State said that unvaccinated students will be blocked from school access and their missed labs and classes "will not be forgiven."

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