Fallen Umbrella Hilariously Locks Company Out of Office For Two Days

"We're baffled," one employee said.

umbrella WeWork office

Who hasn't come up with an excuse or two about why they can't make it to work? Your kid is sick, your car broke down, there's a leak in your basement, etc. But have you heard the one about the fallen umbrella? Yeah, we didn't think so.

On Tuesday, cryptocurrency expert Neeraj K. Agrawal tweeted out a picture sent to him by his friend, Mike, who said his entire tech company had been locked out of their office for two days due to a fallen umbrella blocking the door.

"In a thousand years, you'd not be able to replicate this," said Mike, who didn't want to reveal his last name or the name of his company in an interview with BuzzFeed News. "The umbrella has turned our office into, essentially, an unmanned panic room with no way in. … We were baffled."

Mike added that the conundrum even stumped the managers at their WeWork office, a shared co-working company that's taken over urban metropolises around the world (and has been having a rough week in the news). "Things like this don't normally affect the idyllic world of co-working," Mike said. "Normally it's an overly extroverted dog or someone microwaving fish that causes the drama."

Twitter users were quick to jump in with wildly unhelpful suggestions as to how to break into the office, many of which sounded like they were appropriated from elaborate bank heist movies.

"The whole room is, essentially, a geometric cube of glass with an umbrella tucked in an impossibly perfect position," Mike said. "I really appreciate everyone's ideas on Twitter, but we tried everything."

The entire thread quickly went viral, and frankly, it wasn't a good look for tech companies as a whole.


The epic saga only ended on Tuesday night when WeWork sent in an engineer to drill a hole in the ceiling above the door, who then lowered a wire to airlift the umbrella out of the way. Which, while not one of the options proposed by social media users, does also sound like something you would only see in Ocean's 15.

And while they may have managed to vanquish their rain-protecting foe, Mike and his co-workers are still reeling from the harrowing experience of working remotely for two days.

"During exile, four of us had to share a single MacBook and iPhone charger," he said. "It was actually pretty rough."

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