Twitter Users Are Stoking 2000s Nostalgia in the Most Hilarious Way

"Dude, check out my MySpace page."

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Oh, 2005. Tinder wasn't yet invented, Pluto was still a planet, and Prince William still had hair. It was such a simpler time. Back then, VCRs were already becoming a thing of the past, but you still had to ask your mom to videotape the new episode of Gilmore Girls and pray she didn't accidentally tape over it before you got home. It was also a time when nothing was more satisfying—or fierce—than snapping shut the lid of your Razr phone after a heated argument.

Recently, Buzzfeed reporter Dave Stopera asked people to share "the most mid 2000s thing" they ever did, saying his was using "an iTunes code from the cap of a Mountain Dew Code Red to download a Bloodhound Gang song"—and the responses poured in. Check out the best ones below. And for another great blast from the past, here's a reminder of 30 Ways Life Has Changed Since 2000 That You Haven't Noticed.

Your Ringtone Was Your Identity

2000s stories

"I once used a code from Doritos bag for a free ring tone download on my Razr. I chose 'Ridin' Dirty' by Chamillionaire," @MikeGiordano51 wrote. 

Life Before "Shazam"

old cell phone

"Hold my flip phone next to a speaker to record a song I wanted as a ring tone," @dlohr7 wrote

The Ringtone Scam

2000s stories

"Unknowingly got signed up for a monthly subscription of Jamster by texting 66366 to get 'Hey Ya' by Outkast as my ringtone," @T_Swags wrote.

Life Before iTunes

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"I bought three burned CDs of illegally-downloaded punk music off a Livejournal friend by mailing her a $5 bill and a selfie that I printed out on matte photo paper," @HanaCarpenter wrote

A Regrettable Fashion Decision

2000s stories

"I wore a visor backwards and upside down," @joshtweeterson wrote

An Even More Regrettable Fashion Choice

2000s stories

"I used to buy those arm sleeves that literally only go on your forearms and wore mini skirts like I was Lizzie McGuire and to top it off I'd have a purse that looked like jeans—the zipper, pockets, belt loops, and all," @mariellejai_wrote

At Least They Weren't Low-Rise?

2000s nostalgia

"Wore flared jeans that had no back pockets and snapped down the sides. They were my 'going out' jeans," @mickfinney wrote

The Double Polo Shirt

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"Showed up to a middle-school dance in two polo shirts, both with collars popped, and a Family Guy hat," @Nigrelli93 wrote

Back When Ben Affleck Was Cool

ben affleck

"Wore a t-shirt that said Ben Affleck's Future Girlfriend," @tlcprincess wrote

Getting a Celeb Hairstyle Took Dedication

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"Took a black and white laser-jet printer photo of Dido to the hairdresser for reference," @Becca_DP wrote

Life Before Twitter

2000s nostalgia

"Texted a number the WB [Network] posted where fans could vote on whether Nathan should cheat on Haley with her sister on One Tree Hill (it was free if you had Cingular)," @sophyish wrote

Life Before Facebook

2000s nostalgia

"I spent literal hours trying to get a tinkerbelle cursor for my Myspace page," @lenasimo wrote

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