13 Jet-Set Beauties Who Are Having the Best Summer Ever

Including perhaps the world's most beautiful airline pilot.

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    Kiersten Rich

    Kiersten Rich made waves on the Internet for going three years traveling the world on fifty bucks a day. Here she is enjoying the Seychelles.


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    Chloe Ting

    Australia-based travel blogger Chloe Ting kicks back in Positano, off the Amalfi Coast in Italy.


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    Celinna Da Costa

    Here's writer and travel blogger Celinna Da Costa living her best life in Joshua Tree National Park.


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    Rachel Jones

    Rachel Jones, aka the travel blogger "Hippie In Heels," makes friends with a rottweiler puppy on a beach in Goa.


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    Chiara Ferragni

    Italian footwear designer Chiara Ferragni kicks back in Santorini.


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    Nataly and Murad Osmann

    The Osmanns, an Instagram power couple with a combined following of more than 5 million, are widely credited with inventing the #followmeto Instagram trend, pictured here.


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    Leila Janah

    Leila Janah, the founder of Samasource—a nonprofit dedicated to ending global poverty via employment opportunity—strolls the coast of Bendor Island.


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    Rachel Rudwall

    Emmy-nominated Rachel Rudwall, the former host of ABC's FABLife, has more than 60 countries under her belt. Here she is in Anguilla.


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    Maria Fagerström

    Swedish airline pilot Maria Fagerström, the founder of travel blog "Maria the Pilot," catches a few rays at the Nakar Hotel in Majorca.


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    Brooke Saward

    Brooke Saward's travel blog, a World of Wanderlust, just got converted into a book. Here's Saward bathing in Thalia Haven, off the coast of Tasmania.


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    Anna Karsten

    Adventure blogger Anna Karsten works her trapeze skills on Coronado Beach, just outside of San Diego.


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    Christine Wedberg

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    Mareen Schauder

    Mareen Schauder goes by the name "Miss Everywhere" and she's been, well, everywhere. Here she is in Sandils Negril.


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It's one thing to fantasize about traveling the world​. I​t's​ something else entirely to actually ​do ​it. But here is a collection of adventurous women who—whether by trade (travel bloggers! An airline pilot!) or by sheer means and force of will—are living out some of our dreamiest fantasies​ across the globe right now. So read on and be inspired. And be reminded that, even though September is lurking around the corner, there's always summer on a sandy beach to be found somewhere. It's just a flight away.

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