Woman Who Tracy Morgan Cursed at After Car Accident: "I Understand Why He Was So Upset"

He had just bought his $2 million Bugatti minutes earlier.

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On Tuesday, comedian and Saturday Night Live alum Tracy Morgan got into a minor car accident in New York City. According to the New York Daily News, he had just bought a brand-new $2 million Bugatti Chiron and was taking it out for its first spin when he got into an accident with a woman driving a Honda.

While both drivers were fine and the damages to Morgan's car were not extensive, video footage of the incident went viral, showing Morgan angrily hitting the other car's window and cursing at the driver, 61-year-old Jocelyn Madulid.

"He is the one who hit my car," Madulid said when reached by phone. "He was yelling … He was very upset. The police came and someone came up and said they would be a witness for me, not for him."

However, Madulid said that she could appreciate Morgan's reaction, given that he had just purchased the fancy vehicle. "I understand why he was so upset though," she added. "He had just got the car 15 minutes beforehand."

Following the fender bender, Morgan called Michael Sexton, the Bugatti sales manager at Manhattan Motorcars who sold him the car. Sexton came to the scene—and he has a different story as to who was at fault.

"She was making a right turn from the left lane and hit him," Sexton told the New York Daily News. "The lady was on her phone. That's what the witness told me."

Morgan returned to the car dealership to get his new ride fixed and it seems the situation diffused quickly. "When he came back [to the showroom], a little kid followed him in," Manhattan Motorcars employee Frank Pica told the Daily News. "He said, 'Mr. Morgan I want to make sure you're alright.' He lifted the kid up and held him. Everybody was smiling."

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