Guys: Meet the Linen Shirt You'll Be Wearing for the Rest of Summer

Mankind's greatest sartorial invention takes center stage on balmy days.

Tommy Bahama OPENER

The ancient Egyptians, a people who knew a thing or two about living amidst oppressive heat, dressed themselves in linen clothing. Among the early inventions of mankind, linen clothing is up there, right next to leavened bread and the wheel-and-axel; the lightweight, breathable fabric is ideal garb for these balmy summer days. Sure, the stuff wrinkles like nothing else—but that's part of its laid back charm. The only true drawback of summer linen is that, if you wear the wrong shirt, you run the risk of looking like your dad on a tourist trap vacation. And that's where Tommy Bahama, the brand best known for ultra-chic island-inspired attire, comes in.

Tommy Bahama has introduced a new linen shirt constructed from a new material called stretch-linen, the Monaco Tides Stretch-Linen Shirt, and let me tell you, it's the coolest—in both senses of the word—linen shirt we've seen in seasons. For starters, the new material has additional wrinkle resistance. You'll still get wrinkles, of course, but it'll be a tasteful amount, rather than the unkempt, disheveled look you get with some linen shirts. (This makes it an ideal shirt to pack away for a sumptuous trip.) Plus, the shirt is cut in a streamlined, slim fit, so it's a sleek and stylish option for any occasion. And to top it all off, it's soft as hell. There's no way you're looking like a tourist while wearing this beauty. And for more great summer sartorial options, check out our curated list of the best outfits to wear this summer.

Tommy Bahama Linen Shirt

Monaco Tides Stretch-Linen Shirt

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