This Tom Hanks Reaction Shot at the Golden Globes Is Now a Meme

The internet's favorite Golden Globes meme is Tom Hanks' reaction to Ricky Gervais' monologue.

tom hanks golden globes reaction

Whether you watched the Golden Globes last night or not, you probably know by now that some of the most memorable moments from the ceremony came courtesy of the everyday mood lifter that is Tom Hanks. Not only did he tear up while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award, but his reactions to host Ricky Gervais' jokes throughout the show have captured the internet. Sure, he's an early entry, but we nominate Tom Hanks' Golden Globes reaction shot for the best meme of 2020.

It all started during the opening monologue, when Gervais took a swipe at those involved in the infamous college admissions scandal by saying, "I came here in a limo, and the license plate was made by Felicity Huffman." Then, the camera panned over to Hanks, who had a look on his face similar to that of a dad at dinner who thinks it's about time to pack up and take the kids home.

But it was the facial expression that Hanks made after Gervais dropped another groan-worthy joke at the Globes that's now getting the meme treatment. After Gervais said, "It was a big year for pedophile movies: Surviving R.KellyFinding NeverlandTwo Popes," the camera once again cut to Hanks, who managed to say what we were all thinking without saying a word.

He's the new Chrissy Teigen, which is, of course, a compliment.

And people are comparing his stunned expression to Jim Halpert's classic "nope" on The Office.

But Hanks' reaction can be used in response to more than just bad jokes. Like, for example, when you don't remember if you left the oven on.

For someone as level-headed and nice as Hanks seems to be, the facial expression is pretty much as disapproving as it gets.

Later on in the night, in the press room after accepting his award, Hanks was asked how he's stayed on the Hollywood nice list for so many years. "It's not an agenda, there's no strategy to it," he said. "I have worked briefly with Keanu [Reeves]. He has a wonderful answer to those questions: 'How is it to be so well regarded, well liked?' And he always says, 'Well, it's preferable to the alternative,' which is true. I'd rather be, you know, appreciated than loathed—that's just me."

Leave it to Hanks to make being a good person seem like the simplest thing in the world.

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