Viral Video Captures Heartwarming Reunion Between Toddler BFFs After Just Two Days

It's just too pure.

If you love someone—like, really love them—you know what it's like to feel absolutely consumed with excitement at the mere sight of them, even if you haven't been apart for very long. As adults, we try to temper the intensity of our zeal. But kids, they put it all out there, like these two-year-old boys who are going viral.

New York City's cutest toddler duo, Maxwell and Finnegan, were captured joyfully charging at one another on the street after just two days without one another. Maxwell's father, Michael Cisneros, captured their reunion and posted the video on Facebook on September 8th. It's received more than 143,000 views (and counting) since then.

Even though they've only been friends for about a year, Maxwell and Finnegan are totally inseparable.

"When they are away from each other, they are always asking about one another," Cisneros told ABC News. "They go to music class together … and they love to dance—both are excellent dancers."

Facebook users can't get over the video. "How utterly adorable!" one commenter wrote. "Children could teach adults a lot about friendship and love!"

We couldn't agree more. And for more heartwarming stories about friendship, check out The Beautiful Message Behind That Viral Photo of a Little Boy Comforting a Classmate With Autism.

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