This Toddler Getting A Banana for Christmas Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Definitive proof that consumerism hasn't stamped out the holiday spirit yet.

boy cheerfully holds up banana toddler banana christmas gift

People say that, nowadays, Christmas has gotten too commercial, and in some ways they are right. What was once a celebration of love, life, faith, and family, has become a free-for-all for the newest gadgets and expensive toys.

But one video is going viral for reminding people of simple joys. Twitter user Dustin Griffie gave his tiny nephew a banana in a white box for Christmas, and the little one was downright elated.

"A banana! Oh joy of joys! What I ever do to deserve such blessings?" his beaming face seems to say. He gets up to proudly display his banana. To him, it is a world of bananas, of which he is now king.

We could all learn a little something from this little guy during this festive season. And for more on the Christmas season, read up on The 22 Christmas Traditions That Should've Been Retired By 2017.

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