Designer Todd Snyder Reveals the People, Places, and Things That Inspire Him

A tall glass of Chimay, a great bomber jacket, and the perfect ocean getaway—here are some of the menswear giant's favorite things.

He's a true giant of menswear, a guy responsible for turning a then-preppy also-ran called J.Crew into a juggernaut a decade ago, and who has since struck out on his own with a successful namesake line while forging collaborations with brands like Champion and Timex. Fast forward to 2017, and Todd Snyder has just opened his first New York City store—an enormous "onestop supershop" and "menswear paradise"—and has emerged as one of the most exciting designers working today. Here, the New Yorker and father of two divulges which people, places, and things inspire him. And for more great style tips, don't miss all of our latest stories, including the 15 Items Every Man Should Have in His Closet.


"I've never done drugs, but I've always enjoyed beer," Snyder says. "I like Chimay," a Belgian Trappist beer.

Blakes hotel

"When you walk in to [Blakes, in London], it's just very plush and lush," he says, "and you want to sleep for days."

Clarks desert boots

$140; Buy now at

According to Snyder, the first thing a woman looks at on a man are his shoes. "You can get by with the oldest, rattiest pair of jeans in the world," he says, "as long as you have a great pair of shoes." A recent obsession: Clarks Desert Boots. His peeve: "Square-toed shoes make me cringe," he says.

Belstaff jacket

$879; Buy now at

Several years ago, Snyder found a vintage leather bomber by Belstaff, the English company that has outfitted everyone from Che Guevara to George Clooney. "It's perfectly worn, perfectly aged."

Steve McQueen

Snyder wishes men would look more to the past—at old Brooks Brothers catalogs, at Steve McQueen. The actor could be dressed to the nines one minute and riding a motorcycle the next, looking as cool as ever. "There was nothing tricky about what he did," says Snyder. "It was very simple, and that, to me, is the key."

Land Rover Defender

"It's the ultimate guy car."

Levi's 501 Jeans

Snyder has a favorite pair of 501s that he bought used in college. "I guess you can call them vintage," he says about the Swiss-cheese-like pants. "The more you beat them up, the better they get."

Rolex Gmt Master

"It's actually worth more now than when I bought it."


"I love the ocean, and on Nantucket you're surrounded by it," Snyder says. "It's near New York, but it feels so far away."

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