Presence: Tiffany & Co.'s Exclusive Quality Standard

Every engagement has a story. And there's a story behind every Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring.

Man inspecting diamond ring

That's because each one is ethically-sourced and hand-crafted with unwavering passion. They go beyond the traditional 4 Cs to deliver what they call "Presence"— the scintillating flash and fire that can be seen across a room, the signature of a Tiffany & Co. ring. Here's how they make it happen.

Ethical Sourcing

When you select a Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring, you can feel secure in knowing that you've found the best of the best. All Tiffany & Co. diamonds are ethically sourced from their own chain of custody controls to ensure that human rights and the environment are protected. Tiffany & Co. values traceability and the importance of knowing the origin of their diamonds from the moment they're culled from the earth.

The Top .04%

Diamonds are products of nature. As such, almost all have tiny imperfections called "flaws." Very few diamonds are special enough for a Tiffany engagement ring. That's because Tiffany & Co. rejects 99.96% of the world's gem grade diamonds. Their diamonds are cut with the most exacting proportions to reveal a superior, striking diamond.

Man affixing diamond in ring ring

In a Word, "Presence"

Tiffany & Co. goes above the standard 4 Cs to grade on Presence, a unique fifth element that impacts a diamond's brilliance, scintillation, and dispersion in profound ways. Every Tiffany diamond engagement ring reflects a precision of cut, symmetry and polish, and fire – the perfect embodiment of your devotion to her. Every love story should have one.

Experts on Hand

When you shop at Tiffany & Co., the finest diamond experts in the business are available for consultations to help you select the perfect diamond and setting. With 130 years of engagement experience, Tiffany offers diamond expertise you can trust.

Timeless Elegance

The modern bride still wears white—and diamonds. A Tiffany & Co. engagement ring brilliantly captures the passion and promise of true love, encased in the iconic Tiffany blue box.

Schedule your appointment on with a Tiffany & Co. diamond expert today, and make your defining moment an unforgettable one.

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