Why This Woman's Hilarious WhatsApp Thread Is Going Viral

A college student thought she was texting herself. She wasn't.

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If you have an iPhone, it seems like you're somehow perpetually out of storage, no matter how much more you buy or how many apps you periodically delete. One smart hack to get around this is to send photos to yourself via Whatsapp, enabling you to save the photos without having them take up space on your phone. But, as Umulkhayr Hussein, a London-based college student, recently taught us, it's pretty vital to get the number right. 

The 23-year-old has been texting photos to to herself for months when she suddenly got a response. Obviously, this is an extremely creepy sensation that would not be out of place in an episode of Black Mirror. But it wasn't science-fiction. It turns out Hussein got one digit wrong in her phone number, and had accidentally been sending photos of herself to a complete stranger, who was probably as confused as she was.

It's unclear why the person on the other end of the conversation, whose number became active all the way back in December, didn't tell her about the mishap sooner. But when Hussein posted a screenshot of their conversation on her Twitter account, it immediately went viral, racking up over 10k retweets in just five days.

People think it's a hilarious and pretty relatable mistake in the age of tech addiction.

They particularly love the fact that she said, "It's me. Who are you?" when the stranger asked for her identity. After all, who knows, it could be another you trying to communicate with you from a parallel universe.

Some also thought it was a great premise for the beginning of a romantic comedy, even though Hussein told BuzzFeed that she and the stranger didn't continue chatting beyond the texts that she posted online.

Either way, it serves as a hilarious cautionary tale for what is otherwise a brilliant hack to save storage. And for more incredible stories, check out The Story Behind This Viral Tweet Will Make You Believe in Chivalry Again.

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