This Video of Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon Insulting Each Other Is the Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

The greatest feud on TV shows no sign of stopping.

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel's epic feud reached a hilarious pitch on Monday night, when Damon made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live as the "manny" to George Clooney's newborn twins. Clooney was on the show promoting his new film, Suburbicon, when he casually informed Kimmel that the celebrity babies, Ella and Alexander, were backstage, and ready to make their television debut.

Kimmel looked dumbfounded and the audience roared with approval, of course, but then the doors opened to reveal Damon waltzing in with a double stroller and some baby items and Kimmel realized he'd been had. Then the insults began.

"I'm his manny," Damon proclaimed.

"His what?" Kimmel responded incredulously.

"It's a nanny who's a man."

"You're not a man."

"That's not what your wife said."

Burrrrrn. And it didn't end there.

"So, based on your physique, I guess you're breastfeeding the children too?" Kimmel retorted.

"No, I actually just wanted them to get their nap so I brought them to a place where they wouldn't be woken up by laughter."

Ow ow!

Of course, when Clooney asked if they wanted to see the twins, it turned out to just be a couple of puppets hiding Damon's two middle fingers, one of whom is named Screw, and the other, You.

Just a reminder that they're both in their late 40s.

Clooney got in on the fun as well, given that he was the one directing Damon in the new film.

"Is this a challenge that you gave yourself: can I make a great movie with a terrible actor?" Kimmel asked.

"We got Matt because we couldn't afford Brad Pitt," Clooney deadpanned. "Matt's on that slide on the way down now so we got him at a pretty good discount."

Those guys.

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