Sports Fan Loses 160 Pounds After Failing to Fit in a Stadium Seat

"I knew I had to change right then."

man lost 160 pounds

A few years ago, 23-year-old Hunter Olds had an experience at a baseball game that changed his life forever.

He had struggled with weight for his entire life, and by the time he reached his freshman year of college, he weighed 350 pounds, and had resigned himself to always being "the biggest kid in school."

Then, one day, he went to a baseball game and found that he couldn't squeeze into the seat with the armrest down.

"I knew I had to change right then," Olds told Men's Health.


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At Lake Norman in North Carolina going down to Miami for the Orange Bowl.

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He downloaded MyFitnessPal—an app that makes it easy to track your daily caloric intake in a healthy way—that very same night. He also vowed to cut out all sugars and processed food and consume fewer calories.

Once he lost the first 10 pounds, he started jogging regularly, which benefited not only his body but also his mind.

"I really grew a passion for running," he said. "It was just something I could use to clear my head. I didn't have to think about anything except for running."

In just over a year, he lost a staggering 160 pounds—almost half his original body weight.

But he didn't stop there. With a newfound love of running, Olds completed two marathons and is currently training for his first triathlon.

Of course, as anyone who's lost a significant amount of weight knows, keeping the pounds off can be harder than shedding them in the first place.

"Maintaining is a lot harder than losing the weight, because when I first started losing weight, I had a goal to hit 200 pounds, and then when I hit that goal, I still couldn't go back to eating how I was eating. That would defeat the purpose."

While he allows himself the occasional cheat meal, he still works out six days a week and uses MyFitnessPal to track his calories. But the real key to maintaining his new physique is his improved outlook on food in general.

"I really bettered my relationship with food," he said. "I'm not always looking forward to my next meal. I think that's where I didn't see how I was really lacking, before, I could never have just one thing. I had to eat until I was disgusted with myself."


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There are two kinds of people in this world winners and ❌ichigan fans

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And, as is corroborated by research, losing all that weight didn't just improve his body, it also seriously impacted his levels of life satisfaction.

"I wake up and feel good. I don't hurt or anything. And then on the mental side of things, I'm so much more happy," he said.

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