This Puppy Struck Up a Friendship with a Tiger Cub and It's Too Adorable for Words—Photos

They are brothers from another mother!

Puppies don't care what species you are, whether you're a human, a bird, or, in this case, a tiger cub. If you are pure of heart, they want to play with you.

Case in point: last Thursday, photos were taken of golden retriever puppies frolicking with lion and tiger cubs at Beijing Wildlife Park in China. The cubs were all weaned by the dog mommy after the eight cubs, which included a white tiger, spotted hyenas, and an African lion, were abandoned by their mothers, and it's clear they've embraced one another as brothers.

The friendship that developed between the white tiger cub and one of the golden retriever puppies soon hit Twitter and went viral because the cuteness is just unbearable.

In a news cycle that seems to endlessly spout depressing stories, this is a beacon of light that proves there is still kindness and beauty in the world.

And for the science of why this is so incredibly adorable, be sure to read up on The Age When Cute Puppies Are At Their Cutest.

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