This New Scientific Study Wants to Pay You to Eat Avocados

It's a Millennial's dream come true.

Avocados are cheaper in 2017 , Best Foods for Maximizing Your Energy Levels

Everyone knows that Millennials love avocados. Whether it's being spread on toast, used as a substitute for burger buns, or fried and served with chipotle mayo, this green fruit is everywhere. Avocados are so popular, in fact, that some young folks are even using them in order to propose.

Now, in what seems like a dream come true for avocado fans, Loma Linda University, along with Penn State, Tufts and UCLA are on the lookout for 1,000 people to eat avocados for the sake of science. And the lucky participants will even get $300 once they've completed the study, which is exploring whether or not avocados can help you lose weight.

Despite being one of the more caloric fruits out there (a medium-sized one comes out to about 227 calories), avocados have become extremely popular among the health-conscious thanks to their "good fat," low carb content, and vitamins. A 2013 study found that, indeed, people who eat avocados regularly seemed to have a healthier BMI, less belly fat, and a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, though it's unclear whether the avocado was really the driving force behind these benefits—or whether the participants were reaping the rewards of eating a highly plant-based diet.

Now, researchers want to find out whether or not the avocado really does have a magical impact on our waistlines.

To take part in the trial, participants must be 25 years of age or older and be willing to visit the Loma Linda University(LLU) campus in Southern California every two weeks. Male participants need to measure at least 40 inches around the waist, and female participants must have at least a 35 inch waistline. You also have to be willing to eat one avocado per day for six months (in the test group) or limit yourself to no more than two avocados per day for two months (the control group). Since it's a randomized trial, you might not be able to pick which group you get to be in, so if the thought of going four months without any avocado is too much to bear, participating in the study is a bit of a risky gamble.

For more on the benefits of this popular fruit, check out This Is the Safest Way to Lose 20 Pounds.

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