This Man's Hilarious Viral AirBnB Story Is Every Traveler's Worst Nightmare

That's definitely not a cottage.

Everyone knows what it's like to see a great AirBnB listing, book it, and arrive to find…not quite what you expected. But most most AirBnB letdowns aren't quite as extreme as that of Ben Speller, a U.K. tourist who recently booked a "clean home in Amsterdam with a private bathroom" and arrived to find that it was, in fact, a shipping container. The unit was marketed as a "cottage" by the host, which, quite frankly, is a bold move.

ben speller airbnb nightmare

"It was my first time ever using AirBnB," Speller told Best Life. "[At first] we were so shocked. Then we were laughing."

Speller and his friend had traveled to Amsterdam for a football match and booked the room last minute for $128 for just one night. Needless to say, it took them a minute to realize that the "clean home" they had secured was a large metal box standing on the side of the road.

Ben Speller Airbnb nightmare
Ben Speller/Facebook

"We went past it a few times in a taxi and couldn't believe that was the place," he said.

When they opened a door, they found three sad mattresses covered in flimsy bedding and a portable toilet installed inside.

Peter Speller AirBnb listing

To be fair, the room did look relatively clean, and it did have a private bathroom, so the host wasn't technically lying about everything. But it certainly wasn't ideal.

"We took a few pictures of the inside and then we went to find a hotel," Speller said.

The hotel room set them back another $300, and the AirBnB host was not sympathetic to their complaints.

"We reached [the host] on the phone and he said we should be thankful and grateful that he helped us out," he said. "It was laughable."

Luckily, AirBnB reimbursed Speller for the "room," as well as for his hotel. The company also removed both the host and listing.

According to the Dutch news website AT5, the shipping container was also removed because, unsurprisingly, it wasn't actually allowed to be there.

Speller posted the photos of his "last minute AirBnB" on Facebook last week, and they immediately went viral and inspired a lot of laughs.

"Well at least it's self container'd," one Facebook user wrote.

As the old saying goes, it could always be worse. And for another funny story about expectation versus reality, check out the hilarious photos posted by a tourist who found out a hotel's "infinity pool" was not what it seemed.

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