This Kid's Reaction to a Magic Trick Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day—Video

This is just too pure.

kid delighted by pediatric magician in viral video

As adults, we're riddled with negativity. The stress of our daily lives, our lack of sleep, and our bad habits put all of us into perpetually terrible moods. Perhaps that's why this video of a little kid absolutely delighted by the magic tricks of his pediatrician is going viral. It reminds us of a simpler time, when all we needed to be happy beyond belief is for someone to pull a little light-up ball out of their ear.

The video, which was posted by Twitter user @kostka_chris on May 22, already has over 400,000 retweets and almost one million likes, because it is just too pure.

Watch the 1:26 minute clip to the end and feel all of your sad thoughts melt away in the face of his wonder and excitement.

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