This Is the Secret to Mark Wahlberg's Ageless Physique

The guy wakes up earlier than The Rock does.

Mark Wahlberg is 46 years old, but he's still got the same ripped body that he boasted in his famous 1993 "Marky Mark" fitness video.

So, how does the father of four stave off the onset of the dreaded #dadbod?

For one thing, he doesn't believe in weekends. In a video captioned #nodaysoff, Wahlberg shared the intense exercise routine that he follows even when he's on vacation with his family.

Of course, the star, who recently told Men's Fitness that he's training to be in the best shape of his life for his next action flick, Mile 22, also has to follow a low-carb diet which means "no wine, no pasta, no meatballs."

And anyone who stalks his Instagram knows he's a big fan of PI Nutrition, an all-natural whey protein powder that he helped create.

Last week, however, he shared an especially detailed description of his workout regime, and it includes a particularly shocking revelation:

He wakes up at 3 am (!!!!) to work out. He works out for two hours, 7 days a week, going to bed at 7 pm every night for his early rise. Now that's commitment.

After his workout, he has a fat-free yogurt, followed by some whipped whey protein, vanilla latte flavor, which gives him 25 grams of protein and tons of energy for the day.

Talk about #fitnessgoals. And for more great health advice, know the 50 Ways to Be a Higher-Energy Person Immediately. 

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