This is the Best Time of Day to Get Things Done

New research sheds light on our most productive hours.

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If your New Years Resolution is to be more productive in 2018, then Priceonomics has some news for you. The data-focused marketing studio analyzed 1.8 million projects and 28 million tasks completed over the course of 2 years at Redbooth, a project management software company, to figure out when people were the most productive. What they figured out was that the most productive day in the week was Monday (when 20.4% of tasks are completed), the most productive time of day is 11 am (when 9.7% of all tasks are completed), and the highest percentage of tasks (9.5%) is completed in October.

Which means that 11 am on any Monday in October is officially your peak productivity time.

On the flip side, the data shows that we become increasingly less productive after lunchtime, becoming virtually useless by 4 pm (which anyone who has ever sent an email at 3:45 pm knows all too well).

Unsurprisingly, Friday is the least productive of all workdays, and we're useless at completing tasks on weekends. At 7.2%, we're also at our least productive in January. Funnily enough, while fall is largely our most productive season, winter is our least productive one. So if you're feeling a little sluggish these days, don't worry: you're not the only one!

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