This Hilarious Viral Tweet Mocks the Way "Real Men Really Live"

"This is perfectly fine. Stack your bread, young king."

joey and chandler reclining chair

There are men out there who love to decorate—for sure. But if you've ever been inside the "man cave" of a male younger than age 30, you've probably noticed that it bears a striking resemblance to an actual cave. The floor is littered with empty beer bottles and pizza boxes, the walls are bare, and there's an unmistakable but unidentifiable smell in the air. You start to wonder whether men really need anything other than a comfy chair, a plasma TV, and an Xbox to survive.

Perhaps that's why this tweet, posted by Twitter user @Kathasty, is going viral. Captioned, "Guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue," it shows the, umm, minimalistic decorating that one finds in the standard residence of the young American male.

Men immediately stood up for their bro, confirming that this is their idea of heaven.

I mean, as long as there's electricity, hot running water, four walls and a ceiling, what else do you need?

Who needs art when you have television? And who needs cutlery when you can order Seamless and eat straight from the box?

If for nothing else, this guy's saving lots of money on furniture, which he will probably use to buy more video games! Priorities!

In fact, the men had only one note for the room: that chair better recline! And for more funny tweets, check out this young woman's master class in dealing with jerk boyfriends.

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