This Guy Fixed a Hole in His Office Wall in the Most Hilarious Way Imaginable—Photos

You know what they say: "Art can be anything."

malboury jones turns office wall into art

Growing up, my father always joked that the best way to fix a hole was to hang a painting over it.

But one creative (and definitely bored) office worker had an even better solution.

Faced with some unsightly exposed bits of wall, graphic designer and @ColdLightDay podcast co-host Padraig Murphy decided to give it a title and hang up an explanation, as one would see in a museum—turning his new office into a gallery of modern art.

Named "Exposed Wiring & Controls," the 2018 commissioned by an "Unknown Contractor" was described as follows: "A daring interpretative piece, Exposed Wiring & Controls was part of a series of unfinished works made in the spring of 2018. Critics have suggested it is a commentary on modern life's obsession with time constraints and the nature of incomplete projects. The partly finished work unashamedly displays the artist's underlying processes, daring the viewer to criticism."

His tweet quickly went viral and inspired other people to turn the failures of property management into works of modern art.

The following day, however, Padraig walked into his office in Galway to find that someone had fixed the wall, thereby vandalizing his art. A contemporary genius, Padraig simply turned that into art too.

The sign describes the new piece, "Blatant Patch Job," as such:

"Prompted by earlier works in more challenging media, Blatant Patch Job is representative of a burgeoning ascetic uniformity in art that is both reactionary and ultimately conformist in nature. While some have accused the artist of merely attempting to white wash the works of past creators, others have found in the stark white of Blatant an invitation to consider what the artist has chosen to conceal."

Luckily, unlike visionaries before him, Murphy was not punished for his daring vision.

"The office had a bit of a laugh at it," Murphy told The Press Association.

"A lot of people found it funny, plenty of modern art jokes, and that's about it."

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