This David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds "Feud" Is Too Cute for Words

It's the bromance you never knew you needed.

david beckham loves ryan reynolds

Fact: David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds are both extremely handsome. Fact: the two celebrities are actually good friends who hang out and blind the world with their mutual attractiveness.

So when Beckham posted a thirsty comment on a recent photo of Reynolds, everyone inevitably lost their minds.

On Wednesday, Reynolds posted a photo from the set of 6 Underground, an upcoming action thriller directed by Michael Bay.

Like a truly good friend, Beckham posted a comment indicating that he is, in fact, gorgeous.

david beckham ryan reynolds

The comment immediately went viral, because, firstly, this is the bromance we never knew we needed. Secondly, it's always nice when two dudes remind everyone that it's totally cool to tell your best mate he's looking hot.

It's not the first time they've low-key trolled one another as well. Back in May, Fox released a trailer for Deadpool 2 in which the football star watches the sarcastic superhero mock his voice over and over again. The hilarious clip continues with Deadpool attempting a string of romantic gestures in order to apologize to his bestie, who finally gives in with the words "I can't stay made at you" while "Take My Breath Away" plays in the background.

This is true friendship right here. And for more on why he chooses to do so many of his press appearances in character, check out Ryan Reynolds' Inspiring Words about Battling Anxiety.

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