Watch These Passengers Turn a Flight Delay into a Massive Party

A feel-good story on the biggest travel day of the year.

There's arguably nothing more frustrating than a flight delay, especially during a major holiday like Thanksgiving. But a bunch of passengers in Toronto Pearson International Airport in Ontario, Canada, showed the world that there's nothing easier than taking a bad situation and turning into a good time.

On Monday, Toronto resident Michelle Sacrey Philpott was heading home after a business trip when she spotted a bunch of people having a grand old time singing and dancing at one of the gates. Turns out the musicians, who were playing accordions, were Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill, and they were part of a group of passengers heading on a WestJet flight to NewFoundland.

When boarding time arrived, the musicians began to pack up the instruments, but then the airline agent announced that the flight was going to be delayed by "30 minutes" (which is always the number they saw when they don't know how long it'll be, in order to prevent a widespread panic). Instead of groaning aloud and cursing the airport, everyone was like:

animal house gif

"Everyone cheered. We got the instruments out again and started to continue singing and dancing," Philpott told "Newfoundlanders love to sing and dance. It is such a huge part of our culture."

How's that for some travel-day inspiration? And remember: once you arrive at your destination, don't forget to crack one of the 20 Best Thanksgiving Wines Under $30!

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