These Parents Recreated Awesome Vacations for Their Kids in Quarantine

It just goes to show that you don't need to travel to take a magical family vacation.

As stay-at-home orders were issued around the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic, countless families found themselves forced to cancel the vacation plans they had so long looked forward to—their dreams of sunny beaches and exotic locations replaced with long days spent confined to their homes. However, that hasn't deterred these creative parents, who delighted their kids by bringing the vacation experience into their homes. From indoor camping to DIY amusement parks, these families prove that a little ingenuity goes a long way in making the most of a canceled vacation. And for more coronavirus-inspired creativity, check out these 13 Hilarious Makeshift Home Office Setups People Created in Quarantine.

The dad who created an at-home Disney experience

What do you do when unforeseen circumstances throw a wrench in your plans of a family trip to Disney World? Well, if you're Jon Crabtree, you bring Disney to you. From Mickey waffles to at-home rides, this certainly looks like a close second to the "happiest place on Earth."

The mom who took her daughters on an indoor camping trip

When their family holiday plans to spend some time in the great outdoors of France's Dordogne region was canceled, Brenda Colman and her daughters set up camp inside their house—tents and all. And if you want to keep your own little ones entertained, check out these 9 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids During Quarantine.

The mom who turned the house into a putt-putt course

Sure, you can't get sneak in a quick 18 at your local putt-putt course these days, but that wasn't about to stop this New Jersey mom. Instead, she set up her own mini golf course at home for her kids, using supplies like wooden blocks, toy trucks, and a plastic cup.

The family who put a domestic spin on a day at the beach

If you can't bring your kids to the beach, you bring the beach to your kids. That's what Kari Pepperkorn Marlowe and her kids did, creating a gorgeous beach backdrop, enjoying tropical-inspired cuisine, and even donning their swimwear.

The mom and baby who partied in paradise

Kara Manago created a similar experience for her infant son, Hendrix. Mom and baby had a resort-inspired vacation to remember, complete with a tropical sunset painted on their sitting room windows, a palm tree-inspired baby seat, and some stylish shades. And for some more good news to come out of the pandemic, These Romantic Love Stories From Life in Quarantine Will Move You.

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