These Hilarious Tweets About Failed New Year's Resolutions Will Definitely Brighten Your Day

If you've slipped up, you're in good company.

New Year's resolutions are easy to make. But keeping them? Well, that's a different story. According to a recent study, most of us don't even last two whole weeks. And if you're finding yourself wavering two days in, you're not alone—at least if Twitter is anything to go by.

Vowed to rid yourself of tech addiction? Then you probably shouldn't be reading this.

Did you promise to avoid drama? New Year's Eve is not the best possible time for that.

Nor is it the ideal day to start saving money

…or start eating healthy.

Maybe you should just shoot for at least abiding the Ten Commandments.

At least this guy made it to lunchtime, which is better than a lot of other people.

Even '80s pop icon Cindy Lauper didn't make it.

Maybe we should all just try again next year.

Or maybe—just maybe—we're all setting ourselves up for failure by making the start time for our newly minted goals at midnight on the biggest party day of the year. Instead, perhaps we should all come together as a society and decide that today, January 2nd, will be the day we all heave our bodies back to work and start fruitfully setting realistic goals.

Remember, hard though they may be, you can achieve your New Year's resolutions! The ultimate trick for actually keeping them is to not let a slip-up here or there get you down. Too often people bail in the face of one misstep, when they'd be much better off keeping their heads down and pressing ahead. And for more on this, read about this new study on the day that most people ditch their resolutions—and how to be one of the eight percent of people who actually achieve them.

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