The 15 Steamiest Moments in the Fifty Shades Freed Trailer

The final installment in the franchise is holding nothing back.

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On Monday, the third and final installment of the Fifty Shades franchise, Fifty Shades Freed, finally dropped and sent the Internet into a collective frenzy. Famous for having basically no plot but high production value, the films are the ultimate guilty pleasure. Centering around a sultry, brainy virgin named Anna who falls in love with a powerful, emotionally challenged, and smoking-hot man named Christian Grey, the first movie deals with their passionate, BDSM affair, and Anna's conflicted feelings about being with a man who makes her feel so alive but also needs to control her.

The second film abandons any notion of conflict at all and just shows the two of them jet-setting and having sex around the world. Judging by the trailer, the third film is going to be more of the same, but amped up, because now Anna and Christian are Mr. and Mrs. Grey and there's no holding back when it comes to sex or feels. As much as you roll your eyes and realize how ridiculous this is, you just can't look away—so here are the steamiest moments from the new trailer. And for more great culture coverage, don't miss the 24 Best Life Lessons Seinfeld Taught You. 

It Begins with a Little Leg-Licking at the Dining Table

Christian Casually Walking Out of the Water, Ursula Andress-Style

Bubble Bath Time with a View

Anna's Innocent Little Homage to Lolita

Whatever Is About to Happen Here


All of this

This Angry and Betrayed Straight out of the Shower Look

This Move Right Here, Gentle But Firm

Going for the Flogger Like It's a Soup Ladle

Anna's I-Dont-Know-What's-Going-to-Happen-But-I-Know-It-Will-Feel-Good Smile

No Explanation Necessary

And…. Now We See the Handcuffs

The Look of Sexy Defiance and Anticipation On Her Face As He Lifts Her Chin

Intense Female Orgasm FTW

As per usual, the film will be out on Valentines Day, 2018.

You can see the full trailer below:

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