Teen Goes Viral for Greeting His Little Brother in Hilarious Costumes Every Day

"I wanted to embarrass him and make some memories."

Noah Tingle, 17, and his little brother, Max, 12, of Louisiana have always been close. From going to church every week in their small town outside of Baton Rouge, to playing basketball, to getting haircuts, the two do everything together. "He's my best friend," Noah told Best Life.

So when the high school senior realized he might not be around as much once he graduates this year, he came up with a pretty unique way to savor his time with Max. "I wanted to embarrass him and make some memories," he said.

On August 13th, Noah greeted his little brother as he got home from school wearing a ridiculous outfit. "I put on a 'dad' costume that was like jean shorts and a tank top and high white socks," he said.

noah tingle surprises little brother Max with costumes when he gets off from school
Courtesy of Noah Tingle

His plan to embarrass Max worked like a charm. "He got off the bus and was like, 'What is wrong with you?'" Noah said with a laugh.

The following day, Noah greeted Max dressed as Santa, and had to chase him down the street and tackle him to the ground for a hug. (Warning: The following video will give you all the feels.)

After that, Noah's costumes—which were cobbled together from things they had around the house—only got increasingly more bizarre.

noah tingle bus brother
The Bus Brother/Facebook

Their mom created a Facebook page called "The Bus Brother" to document these special moments between Noah and Max. And the page took off; people even began donating costumes for Noah to wear.

"We must have gotten about 20 so far and there are more on their way," he said. "There was a blow-up gorilla costume, a Fortnite costume, and we've got a blow-up T-Rex coming in soon."

noah tingle bus brother
The Bus Brother/Facebook

Noah plans to keep the gag going for as long as possible. We can't wait to see what he wears next and we bet Max can't either. While he might have thought the prank was kinda lame at first, Noah said that he's totally come around.

"He loves it now, especially with all of the media attention," Noah said. "His mind is blown."

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