This Teacher Grades with Memes and It's the Most Brilliant Thing You'll See All Day

For today's teens, a ??? means a whole lot more than a C-.

teacher grades papers with memes

Remember when that teacher in a rural part of Ghana went viral for explaining how to use a computer on a blackboard? Well, now another teacher has won the Internet thanks to the way she uses technology to better relate to her students. Rather than simply writing, "Good job" or "???" on her students' papers, English teacher Ainee communicates her notes in a decidedly 2018 way: memes.

She posted a video of the process on her Twitter account, and it immediately went massively viral, getting over 100,000 retweets in just one day.

And, don't worry, she posts positive stickers as well.

Now, obviously, there's a bit of an irony to using memes instead of words to express yourself in an English class, as well as an irony to printing out photos in the digital age. But everyone on social media loved her fun and unique technique, and, apparently, so do her students.

"These were really well received by my kids," she wrote in the thread. "Students who normally wouldn't care actually asked if they could correct their tests for a better grade and had a good laugh especially because they always show me memes."

She also clarified that she teaches high school seniors and wouldn't do this with younger students.

"This is the culture in my class we've built and because of that, they loved it. My fellow teachers loved it too."

She also explained that she teaches a Media Studies English Class in which they analyze "social media, trends, news, politics, music, film," which made the meme stickers appropriate for the setting.

And if you're looking to make some of these yourself, it looks like it's pretty simple.

"I just printed out the image on sticker paper! Super easy. I was looking to buy them too but I couldn't find it. Sticker paper can be bought anywhere/amazon too! Just load and print," before attaching a link to the template.

Bravo to teachers who care.

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