5 Secrets Target Doesn't Want You To Know

From covert clearance spots to secret schedules, here's everything you need to do about your favorite retailer.

Whether you like to browse the skincare section or are a fan of their athletic wear, Target remains an iconic retail brand that truly does it all. But when hitting up the retail giant it can be all too easy to get in over your head and end up spending way more than you intended—even with their affordable prices. If you want to shop smarter, you won't be disappointed with the tips we've compiled ahead. Even if you're a seasoned Target shopper, there may be a few things you've never heard before. Read on to find out five secrets that Target doesn't want you to know.

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The Target RedCard gives you a longer return window.

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It's not uncommon for major retailers to offer membership cards where frequent customers can get added perks and deals, but Target's Red Card does much more than just that.

"The Target RedCard's big selling point is that it gets you 5 percent off your in-store and online purchases, and that's a huge perk," says consumer analyst Katie Roberts with DealNews.com. "One of its lesser-known benefits is that it gives you an extra 30 days for returns and exchanges beyond the standard return policy for each item. So, if you're someone who leaves items you want to return on the counter for weeks or even months on end, pay with a RedCard to get more breathing room."

This handy card will also get you free two-day shipping on hundreds of online purchases, so you won't have to wait long for your goodies to arrive. Target has three different Red Card options: a credit card, a debit card, and a reloadable account. The credit card option allows you to earn 2 percent on gas and dining purchases, and 1 percent everywhere else outside of Target.

Target offers weekly gift cards online.

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Target has deals of the week listed online that you should always check out before heading to your local store to pick up dog toys for your four-legged bestie or stock up on basics for yourself.

"Take a look at Target's weekly ad and Top Deals page before you shop, because you can expect to find multiple offers that give you a Target gift card for buying select items," says Roberts. "For example, right now I'm seeing an offer for a $15 Target gift card for buying two select 120-count diaper packs—either in-store or online with same-day delivery or pickup. If you were planning to buy the products included in the offers anyway, why not take advantage and stock up?"

Roberts notes to be sure to read the gift card offers closely."They're typically limited to certain brands, you'll have to hit a minimum spend or purchase amount, and you may have to buy the item via a specific method," she says.

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There's a secret schedule for sales.

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While shopping at Target any day of the week can provide you with savings, there's a way to score even more bargains. Target allegedly follows a markdown schedule where they reduce the price of certain items on specific days, reports All Things Target.

On Mondays electronics, accessories, kid's clothing, books, baby, and stationary items are moved to the sale section. On Tuesdays, women's clothing, pet products, and food items will be sent to the clearance racks. Target moves men's clothing, health and beauty items, diapers, furniture, and lawn and garden items on Wednesday; houseware items, lingerie, decor, shoes, toys, sporting goods, and luggage on Thursday; and jewelry, cosmetics, hardware and auto-related products on Friday.

It's important to note, however, that this markdown schedule does vary from location to location, so your local Target may have a slightly different lineup.

Target's biggest sale coincides with Amazon Prime Day.

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"If you're wanting to nab solid discounts on a variety of items, shop the retailer's Deal Days sales in June/July and October," says Roberts. "You can expect to get up to 50 percent—and sometimes up to 60 percent off categories like TVs, tools, and toys. Note that the Deal Days events typically coincide with big Amazon sales, namely Prime Day."

If you want to be in the know about when the next big Deal Day is happening you can sign up for alerts.

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Target has a hidden clearance section.

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If you're on the hunt for marked down items, TikTok user @superunsexy says there's a secret clearance spot that you need to know about: the very top shelf! Next time you're in Target be sure to look up to score the biggest deals—each aisle will store marked down goodies up there.

The prices on the top shelf are often cheaper than what is listed too. So you might want to bring your item to the register to get it scanned to find out the actual price. If it's too much to carry to the front, @superunsexy suggests taking a photo of the barcode and just bringing that to scan.

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