Saying These 2 Words at Target Could Help Save You So Much Money

Remember these two words: “rain check.”

It's not hard to save money at Target every day, but now, there's good news for those who want to take their bargain shopping to the next level. For those in the know, there's a handy Target shopping trick that that could save you big bucks on great products every time you visit! All you need to do is memorize these two words: "rain check."

According to Target's sale policy, which is posted online, this phrase is the key to unlocking great deals when a sale item is out of stock. By requesting a rain check when this happens, Target will honor the deal if the item comes back into stock within 30-45 days (depending on the state). As the website further explains, the store will also offer same-day substitutions whenever possible.

What this "substitution" offering means is that in many cases, you can go home with a similar product during that very same shopping trip for the sales price, instead of paying full. For example, if you're shopping for a particular toy that's out of stock, they may suggest a comparable toy currently being sold at full price and extend the promotion to that item.

The policy has just a few caveats. First, the rain check policy works by filling out a paper request in person, so unfortunately you can't request a rain check online. Additionally, there are a handful of products excluded from the rule: the website states that "Clearance, Price Cut, Temporary Price Cut and Everyday Low Price items that are excluded from the Weekly Ad and items that state "No Rain Checks" can't be rain-checked." But hey, it never hurts to ask if you're not sure what qualifies.

Thankfully, the rain check policy means you could walk away with a whole host of products at rock bottom prices, even if a particular product is unavailable! So head to your local Target and score some major sales—even when the stock on shelves is looking a little thin. And for more great Target tips, check out The 20 Best Gifts to Give From Target.

Lauren Gray
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