This Is the Best Way to Target Love Handles

Many say it's a myth. But you can attack your midsection directly.

There is no specific exercise to get of unseemly love handles, but don't despair.
"You can't spot-reduce fat," says David Pearson, Ph.D., a professor of exercise physiology and director of the Strength Research Laboratory at Ball State University, in Indiana. And while there are plenty of exercises that target the muscles under your love handles, "building up that area will only push the fat out farther and make your middle look even wider," says Pearson.
So avoid exercises like side bends and side crunches. Instead, concentrate on losing overall body fat: As the extra pounds melt away, so will your love handles. Focus your weight-loss efforts on cardio–rowing, specifically. Irish researchers recently found that men burn up to 50 percent more fat as fuel when they exercise on a rowing machine rather than a stationary bike. Thirty minutes a day three times a week should do the trick.
In the meantime, fake it till you make it, as they say: Concentrate on building up your lats, shoulders, and back. "Doing so will give you a V-shaped torso, and the more defined your V, the less obvious your love handles," says Gunnar Peterson, a certified personal trainer in Beverly Hills, California. "Sometimes, the only reason you notice them is because there's nothing above them that's broader."
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