Target Is Ending Its Ban on This After a Year

Customers are no longer being prevented from doing this in stores.

This past year has brought countless changes to our lives, and that's certainly true when it comes to shopping. Many stores were temporarily shuttered at the start of the pandemic, but even as they reopened, things weren't exactly the same. Masks and plexiglass shields became the norm during shopping trips, while store capacity limits and social distancing were enforced. However, with the COVID pandemic improving drastically over the last few months thanks to vaccinations, retailers are quickly removing pandemic precautions. As of June 1, Target is ending its year-long ban on one in-store experience. Read on to find out what you can now do again when shopping at Target.

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Target is reopening fitting rooms for customers.

Woman trying on a blue dress in a store.

If you miss trying on clothes in-store, have no fear. Target confirmed to USA Today that its fittings rooms in all stores nationwide would be reopening as of June 1. In fact, some dressing rooms were already reopened at the start of the Memorial Day weekend. "Fitting rooms are open at all Target stores," the company states on its website. "We'll continue to frequently disinfect and clean our stores throughout the day, as we have throughout the pandemic, and have team members dedicated to high touch areas like fitting rooms."

A few fitting rooms will remained closed for COVID vaccinations, however.

Doctor giving vaccine to woman

Target spokesperson Brian Harper-Tibaldo told USA Today that there was one exception to this reopening: A few fitting rooms will remain closed because they are being used for vaccinations. Target announced in March 2021 that it had partnered with more than 600 CVS locations to offer vaccines within Target stores. Through this partnership, the company allocated fitting rooms to CVS at select Target stores to host appointments.

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Target first closed its dressing rooms in May 2020.

changing rooms in a boutique

It's been more than a year since Target closed its fitting rooms to help mitigate the spread of COVID, like so many other retailers. According to a document released by the corporation in May 2020, Target fitting rooms were closed to the public and stores were required to post signs indicating the closure, as well as blocking the entrance to fitting rooms. The only exception was that customers were still allowed to use fitting rooms for nursing, if they requested to do so.

Target also lifted its mask mandate recently.

June 4, 2019 Mountain View / CA / USA - Self Checkout and Cash Registers area in a Target store in south San Francisco bay area

This is not the first COVID-related restriction Target has reversed recently. On May 18, CNN confirmed that the company would no longer be requiring that fully vaccinated shoppers or workers wear masks within stores. The company now also says it is only "strongly recommended" that unvaccinated individuals wear face coverings. This decision came after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said fully vaccinated individuals could stop wearing masks in most situations.

"Target no longer requires fully vaccinated guests and team members to wear face coverings in our stores, except where it's required by local ordinances," the company states on its website. "Face coverings continue to be strongly recommended for guests and team members who are not fully vaccinated and we continue our increased safety and cleaning measures, including social distancing, throughout our stores."

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