The One Thing Everyone Wants in Their Home Right Now

While coronavirus has most people staying at home, this one thing could make your summer better.

Summer may finally be here, but it doesn't look exactly as we had planned thanks to the coronavirus. Even with states slowly reopening, you're still not likely to see a concert, host a barbecue, or go on vacation anytime soon. But as people try to find fun things they can do at home, retailers have noticed that one specific item is quickly selling out: pools.

With the warmer weather, there's been a dramatic spike in pool sales. (After all, who wouldn't want their own private—and coronavirus-free—backyard oasis?) Dick Covert, executive director of Master Pools Guild, told MarketWatch that some pool builders have gotten more requests in the first three months of 2020 than they had in all of last year.

People are also calling from around the nation—and the world—to have above-ground pools delivered and installed. Doug Hollowell, who owns Doughboy Pools in Arkansas, one of America's biggest above-ground pool manufacturers, told The New York Times that he's sent pools to 48 states and even across the pond to Europe. "We've seen pool packages shipped to places we never thought they'd go," said Hollowell.

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Though they're an expensive luxury—the average cost of an above-ground pool plus installation is between $1,850 and $5,000—many people are reallocating what would have been this year's vacation fund into a pool purse. More frugal shoppers, meanwhile, are buying inflatable pools to create a simple, socially-distant swimming hole.

That is, if they can even find them first. Amazon, Target, and Walmart have slim pickings, and Home Depot is completely out of stock. According to Business Insider, kiddie pools are such a hot commodity that people are listing them on eBay for 300 percent more than their original sticker price.

When you're browsing for other backyard amenities, don't hesitate to purchase trampolines, swing sets, gardening equipment, and supplies for fire pits, as they're also difficult to find. And for other ways your summer may look different, check out the 7 Things You Won't Be Able to Do This Summer Thanks to Coronavirus.

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