This Hollywood Stuntman Just Revealed the Cutest Behind-the-Scenes Story About Sigourney Weaver

Friendship always trumps fear.

After combatting extra terrestrials in Aliens, becoming the ape whisperer in Gorillas in the Mist, and proving she ain't afraid of no ghosts in Ghostbusters, you'd think Oscar-nominated actress Sigourney Weaver would be virtually immune to fear.

But, according to a sweet story from stuntman Richard Cetrone, who worked with Weaver on the 2012 horror film The Cabin in the Woods, that's hardly the case.

On Thursday, Cetrone, who played a werewolf in the thriller, shared a heartfelt Instagram post about how Weaver was apparently afraid of his costume. But all of that disappeared once she got to know the man behind the mask.

"We walked around a little bit, holding hands, talking and we became friends," Cetrone wrote. "Problem solved."

The popular stuntman has appeared in nearly 70 films and TV shows throughout his 25-year career, including serving as a Ben Affleck's double on films like Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.

But all that aside, Cetrone said that "one of the coolest moments" he's ever had on set was when Weaver showed just how much she was rooting for him. "After doing an attack scene as the werewolf, I could hear Sigourney Weaver clapping and shouting bravo," he wrote. "It made me feel like I was doing theatre. It was very cool."

Considering the time and patience he exhibited in order to put Weaver's mind at ease, we have to echo that "bravo." And for more great movie trivia, check out 30 Shocking Facts about Your Favorite Movies.

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