Store Fills Every Picture Frame with a Jeff Goldblum Photo, Goes Viral

Whoever came up with this idea deserved a raise.

chairty shop puts jeff golblum into every frame

Photo frames are hard to sell, especially in the digital age, when everyone would rather just flip through images on their phone instead of lovingly placing them inside a frame or carrying a picture of their families around in their wallets. And if you're selling them secondhand, the chances of anyone picking one up are that much slimmer.

Which is why one charity shop came up with a brilliant marketing strategy for their used photo frames: putting a photo of '80s and '90s sex god and cult hero Jeff Goldblum into every single one.

Ever since Twitter user @Simonreah first snapped the photos, they have gone viral, and everyone agrees there's no better way to sell frames.

After all, Goldblum has enjoyed a special popularity among Millennials. His iconic Jurassic Park line ("Life, uh, finds a way") has become fodder for memes, and no one can help but notice that he's aged like a fine wine.

Not to mention, he himself frequently pokes fun at his cult status, which only makes him more popular.

He re-grammed a photo of the giant statue of him that appeared in London to commemorate Jurassic Park's 25th anniversary in July.

And he retweeted the viral tweet of the charity shop's recent photo shrine. So, Jeff Goldblum, keep Goldblumming.

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