How Steve Harvey Really Feels About His Daughter Dating Michael B. Jordan

The TV host just revealed his true feelings about his daughter's new boyfriend.

It can be hard for dads to adjust to their daughters dating a new person, but it's even more challenging when your daughter is dating People's 2020 Sexiest Man AliveLori Harvey, the daughter of Family Feud host Steve Harvey, is dating actor Michael B. Jordan, and the father and comedian had a few things to say about his daughter's relationship with a Hollywood heartthrob. To see how Harvey really feels about this pairing, read on, and for more celebrity gossip, discover The One Guest Stephen Colbert Never Wants to Interview Again.

Steve Harvey said he's a fan of Michael B. Jordan.

Steve Harvey

During a Feb. 25 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel asked Harvey the hard questions about his daughter's dating life. Lori and Jordan were first spotted together in Nov. 2020, but they didn't confirm their relationship until Jan. 2021, according to Insider.

The good news is, this family's not feuding. "He is a nice guy, yeah, but he is not the sexiest man alive to me at all," Harvey said. All jokes aside, the TV host confessed that he approved of his daughter's boyfriend. "This kid—I like him," Harvey added. But Kimmel had a few more questions about the couple up his sleeve. And for celebrity content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Harvey admitted he hadn't approved of his daughter's previous partners.

Steve Harvey and Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel asked Harvey if he thought it would be important for Jordan to read Harvey's books about relationships. "I think it's better if my daughters would read the d*** books," Harvey said. "That would be the smarter move."

However, Harvey said he knows that his kids will make decisions for themselves. "I'm just happy I can at least approve of one," he added. Kimmel asked if he'd approved of any of the previous suitors. "Nothing ever," Harvey said, perhaps in jest. "Pure hatred." And for a guest Kimmel won't be chatting with, find out The One Guest Jimmy Kimmel Banned From His Show.

Kimmel said Harvey was fortunate that his daughter was dating such a good man.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

Kimmel remarked on the special Valentine's Day that Jordan planned for Lori, including renting out an entire aquarium for the two of them. "Yeah, well, good luck, homie. You know, Valentine's come every year, I don't know if you know how this works or not, but I don't know how you gonna top that. But good luck, partner," Harvey said. However, the loving dad did commend his daughter's boyfriend for his efforts. "I mean, it was really nice what he did, you know, I'm happy for him. He's a great guy," Harvey continued. And for some behind-the-scenes intel, Maya Rudolph Says This SNL Host Made the Cast Want to Leave.

Harvey joked that he's actually the sexiest man alive.

Steve Harvey

The late-night host asked Harvey who he thought the sexiest man alive is, and of course, he named himself. "All these people I'm paying for. Hell, if that ain't sexy, what is?" Harvey said. "I've never been attractive. I knew that. That's why I had to come up with these damn jokes." And for a star with a bad reputation, James Corden Says This Is the Rudest Celebrity He's Ever Met.

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