Stephen Hawking's Final Gift to Humanity Will Move You to Tears

His legacy to the world may be his theories, but his gift was his kindness.

On March 14, Stephen Hawking died peacefully in his home in Cambridge at the age of 76. An extraordinary man, he was as well-known for his wit and humor as he was for his groundbreaking scientific theories. He was also an incredibly kind man, whose foundation funded research for motor neuron disease, and who, as a longtime contributor to SOS Children's Villages, benefited kids living in poverty all over the world. And who could forget all the hilarious skits that he did for Comic Relief?

So it's fitting that his final gift was one that helped those most in need.

Last weekend, the acclaimed physicist was laid to rest at a funeral service in Cambridge. But rather than splash out on a lavish reception, the Hawking family made a donation to a local charity, which was then used for a special Easter lunch that fed 50 people who were going through rough financial times.

The family described the act of generosity as "a gift from Stephen."

"They wanted to do something to support people going through a tough time,"Alex Collis, a member of the charity, told the BBC. "It was a really lovely gesture…. and very kind of them to think of FoodCycle."


The lunch, which included gifts for its 50 guests, was a fitting way to commemorate a great man.

Needless to say, the small, sweet gesture was well-received on social media, where users wrote that it "moved them to tears."

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